Micro posting in May

May 27, 2022

img4,000 static pages!

Core values are self-reinforcing. They attract like-minded people, who will then defend them. — The values of Emacs, the Neovim revolution, and the VSCode gorilla

2022-05-05: Pollen’s sequel? Quad: document processor. #racket
2022-05-05: Parquet and Postgres in the Data Lake. #database
2022-05-05: Substrait: Cross-Language Serialization for Relational Algebra. #database
2022-05-05: What we can deduce from a leaked PDF.
imgLush plants on the loggia…
2022-05-11:   Marianne Faithfull, Love more or less.

The /bin vs /usr/bin split (and all the others) is an artifact of this, a 1970’s implementation detail that got carried forward for decades by bureaucrats who never question why they’re doing things. It stopped making any sense before Linux was ever invented, for multiple reasons (…) — Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split

2022-05-11: How to Use Autocompletion in Vim. #vim
2022-05-11: My story on “worse is better”.
2022-05-11: RSS Feed Best Practises.

Running a personal website is an emotional roller coaster. This fact seems strange to me, because I feel I do a fairly good job of keeping my ego disengaged from the process. I realize that whether people like what I write or hate it has absolutely nothing to do with my worth as a human being. Yet, receiving comments and emails from readers who say they enjoy my website and understand its value feels good. — The Joys and Sorrows of Maintaining a Personal Website


The point is to support programming interactively. You don’t want to have to kill your program and rebuild it from scratch just because you changed a definition. That’s silly; adding and changing definitions is most of what you do! If your development environment is going to support interactive development, then it had better know how to keep your program running when you change some definitions. — On repl-driven programming

2022-05-12: Making Things Flow: Making the behaviour of Vim flow . #vim
2022-05-12: Roll A Lisp In C - Evaluation. #clang #lisp
2022-05-12: Use Fast Data Algorithms.
2022-05-12: Vim’s useful lists. #vim
2022-05-13:   Vampire Weekend, This Life.
2022-05-13: I just rewrote (again) the build policy for my Stata lecture notes. Org markup language is fantastic after all!
imgTuning and overoptimizing Neovim startup time (19 plugins, including 7 opt ones).
imgGiant salad for today’s lunch!
2022-05-14:   The Cure, The Hanging Garden.

Lisp has a specific world view which makes it less compatible with the current outside world. — Why Lisp is different

2022-05-14: Why Did Heroku Fail?
2022-05-14: htmx gives you access to AJAX, CSS Transitions, WebSockets and Server Sent Events directly in HTML, using attributes, so you can build modern user interfaces with the simplicity and power of hypertext.
2022-05-16:   Aaron Neville, Tell It Like It Is.
2022-05-16: > My conclusion after using Julia for many years is that there are too many correctness and composability bugs throughout the ecosystem to justify using it in just about any context where correctness matters. — Why I no longer recommend Julia
2022-05-16: R Workflow by Frank Harrel. #rstats
2022-05-16: The Modern JavaScript Tutorial.
2022-05-17: Real-time LaTeX Using (Neo)Vim. #vim #tex
2022-05-17: Starting with Common Lisp in 2020. #lisp
2022-05-17: menyoki: Screen{shot,cast} and perform ImageOps on the command line.
2022-05-18:   Iggy Pop, Some Weird Sin.

So, having spent hundreds of frustrating hours developing a working OAUTH2 solution for GMail, I am defeated at the final hurdle. Google’s demands mean that I am simply not going to be able to support GMail past May 31st, however much it hurts me to feel that I am letting my users down.> My deepest apologies to you all. —

2022-05-18: Professional Programming: The First 10 Years.
2022-05-19:   Kajagoogoo, Too Shy.
2022-05-19: > I suppose this is another one of those things we all end up doing: Write a printf() implementation, create an IRC bot, and author a book about Open Source. — Uncurled
2022-05-19: Org-babel as an alternative to Jupyter notebooks.
2022-05-19: The Big Six Matrix Factorizations.
2022-05-19: Unfinished Business with Postgres. #database
2022-05-20:   Laurie Anderson, Slip Away.
2022-05-20: A maximally-dense encoding for n-choose-k.
2022-05-20: Logging C Functions. #clang

Shy away from numbers or concrete analysis during design. Good engineers estimate. Great engineers speculate. — The mindless tyranny of ‘what if it changes?’ as a software design principle

2022-05-23: Modern Python: Big ideas, Little Code. #python
2022-05-23: Python Standard Library changes in recent years. #python
2022-05-23: Useless Use Of dd. #unix
2022-05-23: What’s in which Python. #python
2022-05-24:   Elliott Smith, Waltz #2.

The big endian advantages tend to be cosmetic or convention based, or of minor usefulness. The little endian advantages offer real world performance boosts in many cases (given the right algorithm or encoding to take advantage of it). — On Endianness

2022-05-24: 10 Tips for Writing Fast Mathematica Code.
2022-05-24: The unreasonable effectiveness of f‍-‍strings and re.VERBOSE. #python
2022-05-24: Useful Python decorators for Data Scientists. #python
2022-05-25: Bit Twiddling Hacks.
2022-05-26: Donald Knuth on work habits, problem solving, and happiness.

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