Micro posting in June

June 28, 2022


Saying that I’ve been maintaining my dotfiles for a decade is like saying that I’ve been decorating my home for a decade. I probably know what works for me, but that doesn’t mean I know what you’ll like! — A decade of dotfiles

2022-06-01: A vision of a multi-threaded Emacs. #emacs
2022-06-07:   Swamp Children, Taste What’s Rhythm.
2022-06-14:   Miley Cyrus, Nothing Else Matters.
2022-06-14: Now I know that even installing the rms package implies crap packages from so-called “modern R”…img
2022-06-15:   Lydia Loveless, Let’s Make Out.

(…) being overly tense works against giving your best performance. — The 85% Rule - When Giving It Your 100% Gets You Less than 85%


Even with a lot of help from a good text editor, writing HTML can be a drag. Nice documents end up as tag-swamps with little bits of content perched atop hills of tabs. — Write HTML Right

2022-06-16: Illustrating Python via Bioinformatics Examples. #python
2022-06-16: Learn Haskell by building a blog generator. #haskell
2022-06-17:   Enrico Rava Quartet, Choctaw.

While it’s tempting to switch to one of the endless new apps out there, there are good reasons to trust old tools. — Cool desktops don’t change

2022-06-17: Run any code on any client. With WebAssembly and Wasmer.
2022-06-17: Two understandable deficiencies in Common Lisp. #lisp
2022-06-17: Unix History Repository. #unix
2022-06-19:   Meredith Brooks, Bitch.
2022-06-25: And another round of cleansing for my Neovim setup: down to 15 plugins now (the screenshot below includes popup.nvim which is no longer needed).
2022-06-25: Just started watching Sense8 a few days ago. Looks great so far. It’s the fourth TV shows I watch after a long break (December 2021).
2022-06-25: Time to quit, I guess.
2022-06-25: Crafting Interpreters: A Review.
2022-06-25: Oh Shit, Git!?!. #git
2022-06-27:   Iggy Pop, Some Weird Sin.


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