Micro posting in July

July 30, 2023


Data-oriented design takes its cues from the data which is seen or expected. Instead of planning for all eventualities, or planning to make things adaptable, there is a preference for using the most probable input to direct the choice of algorithm. Instead of planning to be extendable, it plans to be simple and replaceable, and get the job done. Extendable can be added later, with the safety net of unit tests to ensure it remains working as it did while it was simple. Luckily, there is a way to make your data layout extendable without requiring much thought, by utilising techniques developed many years ago for working with databases. — Data-Oriented Design


Usually I send read-only documents to clients. They don’t know or care what program created the> PDF I sent them. The fact that they cannot edit my reports is a feature, not a bug: if I’m going> to sign off on something, I need to be sure that it doesn’t include any changes that someone else> made that I’m unaware of. Convert LaTeX to Microsoft WordI used to do the same for years when I was consulting. Main issue was tabular output, which can be beautifully rendered in $\LaTeX$, but not so in plain MS Word.

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