Micro posting in August

August 31, 2022

2022-08-09:   The Frames, True.

Where things really got broken was when multithreaded applications became commonplace. That’s when ctrl-c basically stopping working at all. — Ctrl-C: Why Programmers Can’t “Reset” Programs With Ctrl-C, but Used to Be Able To, and Why They Should Be Able to Again

2022-08-10: Hot days (again). Salad parties almost every day.

2022-08-10: Technical reasons to choose FreeBSD over GNU/Linux. #unix
2022-08-10: Top 20 Latex Fonts. #tex
2022-08-10: more-itertools is yet another gem when working with Python’s iterables. #python

Expect to pay, now or later. — Give nothing, expect nothing: GitLab’s the latest punching bag for entitled users

2022-08-14: I’m done with Season 1 of Mindhunter. Beautiful script, brilliant actors, nicely orchestrated plots. Informal ratings of others TV shows available here.
2022-08-14: Stop using DICT dictionary apps (such as GNOME/MATE Dictionary). #unix

SQLite works with hundreds of millions of records just fine. Regular INSERTs show about 240K records per second on my laptop. And if you connect the CSV file as a virtual table (there is an extension for that) - inserts become 2 times faster. — SQLite is not a toy database

2022-08-16: Tom Mitchell’s Machine Learning book is a bit old but it’s now free. Note that the PDF version offered on the website is huge (60 Mo) since it’s a scanned copy.
2022-08-16: Deconstructing Bézier curves.
2022-08-16: Glmnet for python. I somewhat missed or forgot about that package. #python
2022-08-17:   Jewel, Foolish Games.
2022-08-17: Howto: auto-start ssh-agent with systemd on Debian Bullseye — Debiania. #unix

The way I look at it, the apps themselves are the workspaces. On a smaller screen I usually full screen everything and on larger display scenarios, I have nearly everything laid out in front of me so I really just want to be able to switch between apps as fast as possible. — How I GNOME or Why I Don’t Use a Tiling Window Manager by Josh ShermanThat’s the conclusion I reached as well on OS X and Ubuntu when I started (re)using native window manager facilities. This remains so even after me trying i3 then Regolith, since Tmux can do a lot of tiling too, and the only thing I really need is to have apps maximized on screen, or split vertically (who need to fully split a 16:10 or 4:3 laptop screen horizontally these days?).

2022-08-18: Great! You can now use default keybindings from in Nyxt 3 (pre release).
2022-08-18: Watching with tmux | Arabesque. #unix
2022-08-22: FreeBSD - a lesson in poor defaults. #unix
2022-08-22: Readable s-expressions and sweet-expressions: Getting the infix fix and fewer parentheses in Lisp-like languages. #lisp
2022-08-22: Uncommon Uses of Python in Commonly Used Libraries. #python
2022-08-22: Visual Sum of Cubes.
2022-08-23:   Magazine, Cut Out Shapes.
2022-08-23:   Mannequin Pussy, Romantic.

I’ll take economy over excess any day - give me a nice, uncluttered interface, a simple man page and power to spare for those occasions when I need it, and I’m a happy guy. My dream email client is a lot like my dream car, the Ferrari F355 Spider: plain-vanilla seats, a simple dashboard and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under six seconds. — A Man And His Mutt.

2022-08-23: Look what came up in the mailbox a few days ago:
2022-08-23: Playing with exceptions inside lambda expressions in Python . #python
2022-08-23: Searching this site using Pagefind. Looks like it works quite well with Hugo website.
2022-08-24: A simple way to make HTML websites:
2022-08-24: Deconstructing the “Unix philosophy”. #unix
2022-08-24: Integers, decibels, and graphs.
2022-08-24: Should I use Signed or Unsigned Ints In C? (Part 1). #clang
2022-08-24: Use plaintext email.
2022-08-25:   Marianne Faithfull, Guilt.

Beautiful code is likely to be simple – clear and easy to understand. Beautitful code is likely to be compact – just enough code to do the job and no more – but not cryptic, to the point where it cannot be understood. Beautiful code may well be general, solving a broad class of problems in a uniform way. One might even describe it as elegant, showing good taste and refinement. — A Regular Expression Matcher

2022-08-25: Macro elegance: the magical simplicity of Lisp macros. #lisp
2022-08-25: Why your website should be under 14kb in size.
2022-08-26:   Michael R Oldham, Two Pieces Ripe Fruit.

With Vim as a sort of secondary editor, I want to be able to fire it up unconfigured and continue to be nearly as productive. A pile of remappings would prohibit this. In my mind this is like a form of emergency preparedness. Other people stock up food and supplies. I’m preparing myself to sit at a strange machine without any of my configuration so that I can start the rewrite of the software lost in the disaster, so long as that machine has vi, cc, and make. If I can’t code in C, then what’s the point in surviving anyway? — My Journey with Touch Typing and Vim

2022-08-26: The 10 stages of Vim. #vim
2022-08-27:   MIKA, I See You.
2022-08-27: Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book.
2022-08-27: A Lisper’s first impression of Julia .
2022-08-27: Combinator Formatting. #scheme
2022-08-27: Labeling mail with mutt. Interesting idea, especially for those who rely on notmuch for mail processing. But, well, it’s been a long time I left Gmail and I don’t regret those pesky virtual folders.
2022-08-27: Unifying fold left and fold right.
2022-08-28:   Morcheeba, What New York Couples Fight About.
2022-08-28: And a great Firefox plugin to review soon: Vixen Vim.
2022-08-28: I somewhat forgot about this sticky TUI for processing spreadsheet data: VisiData is an interactive multitool for tabular data.
2022-08-28: Ubuntu Dock completely hidden now, which makes for a cleaner desktop!shellgsettings set autohide falsegsettings set dock-fixed falsegsettings set intellihide falseI also installed the Suckless terminal, as a popup terminal always opened on second workspace, with semi-transparency enabled thanks to Luke Smith’s patch and no border (Stein Gunnar Bakkeby ’s path). I can launch Cmus without messing my current Tmux workspace, and forget about it.
2022-08-28: Using FZF instead of DMENU.
2022-08-28: ssh, tmux and vim: A Simple Yet Effective Pair Programming Setup. #vim

All of a sudden, those brackets look kind of cool! — An Intuition for Lisp Syntax

2022-08-29: Here’s a rather long list of RSS feeds accumulated over the years. It has been purged on several occasions, depending on my mood and succesive jobs (e.g., rstats and stats stuff has been severely impacted in the past 6 years). It targets Newsboat, so all you have to do is put this file in your $HOME/.config/newsboat directory. Tags are not always very accurate, as the original posters may have changed their posts over time.
2022-08-29: Suckless life.
imgUbuntu 22.04 LTS. Suckless terminal. Cmus music player.
2022-08-29: TIL Ubuntu and its default WM allows to move and resize windows without even touching the mouse with Alt-F7 and Alt-F8.
2022-08-29: Website’s look’n feel should now respect your system color theme. Dark theme heavily inspired from the Nord color palette of course. Last thing to fix is transparent background images.
2022-08-29: Mutt, the Vim Way.

If you spend a lot of time typing plain text, writing programs or HTML, you can save much of that time by using a good editor and using it effectively. — Seven habits of effective text editing

2022-08-30: TIL that I no longer need to worry with launching ssh-agent automagically in case it isn’t already running in the background using the following hack:

if [ -f ~/.ssh/agent.env ] ; then
    . ~/.ssh/agent.env > /dev/null
    if ! kill -0 $SSH_AGENT_PID > /dev/null 2>&1; then
        echo "Stale agent file found. Spawning a new agent. "
        eval `ssh-agent | tee ~/.ssh/agent.env`
    echo "Starting ssh-agent"
    eval `ssh-agent | tee ~/.ssh/agent.env`

There’s probably a better way: Howto: auto-start ssh-agent with systemd on Debian Bullseye.
2022-08-30: Only fast languages are interesting. Don’t know if lush is still a thing nowadays, but some benchmarks were quite impressive back in 2011. #clojure #lisp
2022-08-30: SSH Tip: Connecting to a Private Network Without Trusting the Bastion Host. #unix
2022-08-31:   New Order, Blue Monday.
2022-08-31: Just replaced ranger with fff. Looks great and lightweight, and ultra-fast. I had problem with displaying images with ranger now that I am under Wayland. With fff, I can simply open them in feh or eog and browse an entire directory using keyboard shortcuts only. (h/t DJ Adams, Exploring fff part 2 - get_ls_colors #unix
2022-08-31: Some interesting Bash notes. #unix
2022-08-31: OCaml at First Glance.
2022-08-31: Rewriting my blog in Rust for fun and profit.

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