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Micro-posting in September

September 28, 2019

Here is the monthly newsletter from the Micro blog.

2019-09-02: Lovely.
2019-09-02: Old times good times: A Brief Timeline of the History of Blogging. Although I came late to the party (around 2006), I remember all those emerging blogs from the 2000s, I mean, before the advent of social networks. Then came Twitter, Blogger and Tumblr.
2019-09-02: Want some training or refresh your TeX memory?
2019-09-02: Ezhil: Clean and minimal personal blog theme for Hugo.
2019-09-02: Population genetics notes, from the the Coop Lab. #bioinformatics
2019-09-02: Random Forests, Decision Trees, and Categorical Predictors: The “Absent Levels” Problem (PDF).> This problem occurs whenever there is an indeterminacy over how to handle an observation that has reached a categorical split which was determined when the observation in question’s level was absent during training.TL;DR No feature engineering heuristics seem to really help mitigate this kind problem.
2019-09-02: eBay’s TSV Utilities: Command line tools for large, tabular data files. Filtering, statistics, sampling, joins and more.
2019-09-03: > The good things in a community site come from people more than technology; it’s mainly in the prevention of bad things that technology comes into play. Technology certainly can enhance discussion. Nested comments do, for example. But I’d rather use a site with primitive features and smart, nice users than a more advanced one whose users were idiots or trolls. — Paul Graham, What I’ve learned from Hacker News
2019-09-03: TIL about, the unofficial guide to dotfiles on GitHub.
2019-09-03: Programming and Programming Languages.
2019-09-03: Tree traversal without recursion: the tree as a state machine.
2019-09-04: Handouts with exercises on scientific computing using Python, feat. some introduction to BioPython. #python
2019-09-04: Tutorial on vega-lite and Haskell. #haskell
2019-09-04: Lisp people: What’s your go-to language for when you want to write a quick script. I for one do most of my scripting stuff using Bash, sed/awk, and Python. However, it looks like some folks tend to rely on Clojure, various flavours of Scheme, CL, or even Perl 6 (but why?).
2019-09-04: Robust Arithmetic in Computational Geometry.
2019-09-04: Static Sites with Hugo, Tachyons, and Netlify.
2019-09-05:   Cigarettes After Sex, Cigarettes After Sex.
2019-09-05:   Leonard Cohen, You Want It Darker.
2019-09-05: Early in the morning, I decided to reformat my old notes from various formats (RST, MD, TXT) to Org. It took me more than two hours to make things look like they weren’t writtent in 2005 on Linux!
2019-09-05: I have been using my bluetooth Magick Keyboard at my office since 3 weeks now, and it’s kinda difficult to write on the Macbook built-in keyboard right now. Or I may just be tired. Anyway, to reiterate what I was saying last year, this is definitely a very good keyboard.
2019-09-05: So now I know why I lost several Go of free space on my HD:
2019-09-05: Very happy to see than Tony Rossini is going to have a new homepage. #emacs #rstats
2019-09-05: Advanced NLP with Spacy. If only there were more than 24 hours a day… #python
2019-09-05: Why I like Clojure. Note that the site was built using Hakyll ;-)
2019-09-06:   Florence + The Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.
2019-09-06: > You’ll be fighting the compiler to the end as long as you have writes to uint8t arrays in your core loops. — Incrementing vectors.
2019-09-06: Apprently, the TAB key of my built-in keyboard started to screw up seriously. Not a bid deal since I’m using an external keyword at my offcie, but in order to anticipate any definitive failure, I remapped my right option key to TAB. Not a bad deal after all, since I never use this modification key. Now, for switching between app, I can simply use my two hands: left for ⌘ and right for ⌥ .
2019-09-06: Not sure I deserve a medal this morning, but at least I reached the point where Emacs told me my code looks like a giant mess in a Git repo.So, after a bit of googling, I’m now reading How I Lint My Python, although Emacs does it all for free.
2019-09-06: Unit testing C code with gtest. Lot of other nice posts, unfortunately like Chris Done website I cannot find any RSS feed to subscribe to.
2019-09-06: Why Haskell is important. #haskell
2019-09-06: polyglot: Generate static websites using Markdown and any Racket #lang. #racket
2019-09-07: A Daily Journal in Org Mode. #emacs
2019-09-07: Fast prime number generator.
2019-09-07: Racket: Lisp for learning. See also Racket-on-Chez Status: January 2019. #racket
2019-09-09:   Pink Floyd, _Meddle
2019-09-09: Trying out the nice indent-guides features in Doom Emacs. This is quite an enhancement for Python coding! #emacs
2019-09-09: A (mostly) comprehensive guide to calling C from Scheme and vice versa. #scheme
2019-09-10:   Bauhaus, In the Flat Field.
2019-09-10:   Keith Jarrett Trio, Still Live.
2019-09-10: > Your program is a data transformation pipeline, based on functions and expressions that can be composed unambiguously. — data haskell
2019-09-10: Fira code is now v2. I’m still loving Iosevka, so I won’t fall back to Fira Code for my editor and terminal, but this surely remains my preferred monospace font for technical writings.
2019-09-10: Some nice tricks to get eshell working over tramp. #emacs
2019-09-10: A Primer for Computational Biology. #bioinformatics
2019-09-10: Five Ways to Compute the Cartesian Product with Haskell. #haskell
2019-09-10: Rust-Bio: a bioinformatics library for the Rust language. #rust #bioinformatics
2019-09-10: libflagstats: Efficient C functions to compute the summary statistics (flagstats) for sequencing read sets. #bioinformatics
2019-09-11:   Beirut, No No No.
2019-09-11: Usenet posts of interest, and a lot of Lisp ressources by Pascal Bourguignon. #lisp
2019-09-11: A textlint flycheck checker in Emacs. #emacs
2019-09-11: Getting started with Scheme by solving an Advent of Code 2018 challenge. See also these comments on Programming Praxis. #scheme
2019-09-11: Publishing org-mode notes as a website. #emacs
2019-09-11: Reaching Python from Racket (PDF), or the best of both worlds. #racket #python
2019-09-12: TIL how one could use Instruments with R: Performance Debugging in R and C++. #rstats
2019-09-12: Migrating from Jekyll to org-mode and Github Actions. #org
2019-09-12: Woodnotes Guide to Emacs for Writers. #emacs
2019-09-13:   Arno, Human incognito.
2019-09-13: More on the GH actions corner: Automatically compress images on Pull Requests. Nicely done! Why not removing Geo/IP data at the same time?
2019-09-13: Well, guess what? I’m just retagging all my posts… ;-)
2019-09-13: The Best Algorithm No One Knows About.
2019-09-14: Howdy SICP in JS!
2019-09-14: Quite a big update… (Just so we can now filter posts by year of publication.)

2019-09-14: TIL about dumb-jump (via Irreal), an Emacs “jump to definition” package for 40+ languages. I became quite used to LSP jump-to- definitions and references, until I realized today that dumb-jump is included in Doom Emacs toolbet! #emacs
2019-09-14: Making Haskell run fast: the many faces of reverse. #haskell
2019-09-14: Orchestrating Single-Cell Analysis with Bioconductor, with a gorgeous Bookdown theme. #bioinformatics
2019-09-14: The Beauty of Functional Languages in Deep Learning — Clojure and Haskell. #haskell
2019-09-15: Remember the Summer…
2019-09-15: Models in biology: ‘accurate descriptions of our pathetic thinking’.
2019-09-16:   Some Jazz Chill.
2019-09-16: Building Big Shiny Apps — A Workflow. #rstats
2019-09-16: Docker Without Docker.
2019-09-16: Heaps for incremental computation.
2019-09-16: Run Command Every Other Week.
2019-09-16: Tig is such an amazing and handy utility to check the last commits in a Git repo!
2019-09-16: Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition. Yet another Wolfram product in the series of Mathematica and Wolfram script.
2019-09-17: An original summary of some of Emacs features: Using Emacs and Org Mode. #emacs
2019-09-17: I am somehow late on this: The Emacs Year in Review, by Божидар. #emacs
2019-09-17: It’s always nice to discover new blogs with interesting content. The problem is often to find the infamous RSS feed file when it is not offered as a default.
2019-09-17: On configuring Rust and Travis. #rust
2019-09-17: Git quick statistics is a simple and efficient way to access various statistics in git repository.
2019-09-17: I’m taking ownership of my tweets (via Jan_lucas Else). That’s also probably why I’m posting on this micro-blog rather than Twitter these days.
2019-09-17: Why I prefer functional programming.
2019-09-18: > As of today, I’m moving forward with learning Chez Scheme. If Racket moves toward non-Scheme syntax, there could be considerable opportunities for Chez to grow its community. — Exploring Scheme implementations.
2019-09-18: Apparently, the Python version of Lectures in Quantitative Economics with Python got a “little upgrade” (1558 pp. compared to 638 pp. in 2015). #python
2019-09-18: While I’m really impressed with the Eisvogel template for my Org->PDF toolchain—the rendered listings remember me of the Nord theme that I use in my terminal and under Emacs or Vim), I’m also investigating other alternatives. Here are is a nice candidate: arabica, but that may well be too much for what I need. And I learned that there already was some attempt at generating pretty HTML book via Pandoc/Jekyll before Hadley Wickham Advanced R.
2019-09-18: Customizing pandoc to generate beautiful pdfs from markdown.
2019-09-18: How to write a game in Haskell from scratch. #haskell
2019-09-18: How to write web applications with Racket. #racket
2019-09-18: Warp is a high-performance HTTP server library written in Haskell, a purely functional programming language. #haskell
2019-09-19:   Chill Jazz, again and again.
2019-09-19: > Once you’ve got the hang of Emacs you’ll never use anything else. — Emacs Workout
2019-09-19: I almost done redesigning the site using a simpler theme, hopefully as responsive as the previsous one (Even). This time, I started with Ezhil and I’ve modified it extensively to meet my needs. It only remains to manage old posts with TOML header (to be converted to YAML header) and fix pre block.
2019-09-19: The second edition of Modern C, by Jens Gustedt, is finally out. Together with with Ben Klemens’s 21st Century C, this is a must have if you’re interested in a modern take on C.
2019-09-19: sponge and other moreutils. #emacs
2019-09-20:   A really nice selection of PJ Harvey greatest songs, feat. Nick Cave.
2019-09-20: TIL about Numpy where. (via John Cook) #pythonfrom numpy import wherefrom scipy import statsx = stats.norm.rvs(loc=0, scale=1, size=10)where(x < 0, 0, 1)
2019-09-20: This site now has a client-side search engine at no cost, and it is just working right out of the box: Client side searching for with Fuse.js.
2019-09-20: Hugo-theme-docdock looks like a very nice theme for project documentation.
2019-09-21: I’m currently processing all my blog posts — cleaning things here and there. And so I was thinking that a lot of code snippets I post on this blog could be rendered as Gist, as Hugo offers a nice shortcode for that specific purpose. So here we go: Compare to the original version.
2019-09-21: Quite a big work of revision (reformatting and proofreading, essentially):
I’m only halfway thu, though. And for the glory details:~/S/aliquote (master↑2|✔)  git pushÉnumération des objets: 168, fait.Décompte des objets: 100% (168/168), fait.Compression par delta en utilisant jusqu'à 4 fils d'exécutionCompression des objets: 100% (88/88), fait.Écriture des objets: 100% (88/88), 19.67 Kio | 205.00 Kio/s, fait.Total 88 (delta 78), réutilisés 0 (delta 0)remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (78/78), completed with 76 local objects.To master -> master~/S/aliquote (master|✔)  hugo| EN+------------------+------+Pages | 1758Paginator pages | 124Non-page files | 1Static files | 711Processed images | 0Aliases | 1Sitemaps | 1Cleaned | 0
2019-09-22:   Bauhaus, In the Flat Field.
2019-09-22: DeepL which I use as a handy replacement for Google Translate just delivered a native (beta) app, FYI.
2019-09-23:   Kristin Hersh, Live At Noe Valley Ministry.
2019-09-23:   Joy Division, Still.
2019-09-23:   Kristin Hersh, Wyatt at the Coyotte Palace. Actually the fourth or fifth record set from Kristin Hersh that I listen to today.
2019-09-23: Lot of interesting goodies and Emacs tips on Diego Vicente‘s blog. #emacs
2019-09-23: Some annoying “features” of the newly released Safari 13: I can no longer access tabs opened in Safari on my iPhone; DuckDuckGo extension gone; new icons design for tabs preview looks too much like iOS. Have a good day! #apple
2019-09-23: Learning Haskell: A Resource Guide. Be sure to check Stephen Diehl’s excellent tutorial. #haskell
2019-09-23: Probabilistic programming with Monad-Bayes. See also Functional Programming for Modular Bayesian Inference (PDF). #haskell
2019-09-23: async.h - asynchronous, stackless subroutines in C. #clang
2019-09-24: TIL about twtxt (via Jack Baty). I’m quite happy with the micro-section as it is, but it should be too diffcult to convert all micro-posts to twtxt format and run the feed along the existing one.
2019-09-25:   Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Abattoir Blues.
2019-09-25:   Morcheeba, Blaze Away. So, today was essentially music, music, and music again and again.
2019-09-27:   Keith jarrett Trio, Still Live.
2019-09-27:   Keith Jarrett, Koln Concert.
2019-09-27: > Concepts are hard. Names don’t make them any easier or harder to understand. Names are only useful in their value as pointers, and to establish relationships between concepts. — Why “Functor” Doesn’t Matter
2019-09-27: It finally took me 8 evenings (and 8 iterations) to cleanup old stuff.

2019-09-27: Little sweet salad from yesterday’s evening:

2019-09-27: Announcing chief. #racket
2019-09-27: Cryptopals crypto challenges (via Mike Zamansky). I will probably take a closer look when I’ll be done with Rosalind problems.
2019-09-27: Histogram: You have to know the past to understand the present. Although you may encounter some difficulties navigating the page on Safari, it is worth a read. #dataviz
2019-09-28: Hot off the kitchen:

2019-09-28: Knuth, on Mathematical typography (PDF):

2019-09-28: TIL about Jellyfin, a free software media system. It looks like a nice alternative to Roon, especially since it does not require any subscription.
2019-09-28: Hacker Laws: Laws, Theories, Principles and Patterns that developers will find useful.> Companies tend to systematically promote incompetent employees to management to get them out of the workflow. — Scott Adams
2019-09-28: High-level Problems with Git and How to Fix Them.
2019-09-28: Modern C for C++ Peeps.


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