Micro posting in September

September 27, 2021

2021-09-01: Common Lisp Friday. #lisp
2021-09-01: Dependency Analysis of Haskell Declarations. #haskell
2021-09-01: Lisp from Nothing. #lisp
2021-09-01: Tor is a Great SysAdmin Tool.
2021-09-02: The xterm terminal emulator can do a lot more than just display text. #unix
2021-09-04: The show must go on.

2021-09-06: As a consequence of switching to i3wm, my RAM usage dropped down to 550 Mo (instead of 950 Mo) when idle with only one terminal (Kitty). However, since I’m using i3+tmux+kitty+vim keybindings have become a thing, really: Shift+Ctrl for Kitty, C-b (and alt for navigating windows) for tmux, Win key for i3!
2021-09-06: Trying out i3 as a replacement for the default Gnome window manager, which is fine but I was looking for a more handy keyboard-driven app switcher and window management. As far as I can tell, Pop OS! looks really great, but i3 is simpler to install and to configure.
2021-09-06: A Pamphlet against R Computational Intelligence in Guile Scheme.
2021-09-06: Fast Rust Builds. #rust
2021-09-06: Scheme books. #scheme
2021-09-06: The Descent to C, by Simon Tatham . #clang

For the past 30+ years in the industry (and generally in society) I have seen nothing more stupid and absolutely devastating than people following hype, trends and “majority” rule. Not only that, but the worst part is, and that is something that is really difficult to handle, when those very people actually believe that what they are doing is the right thing. They are utterly clueless about their own stupid behavior. — Stop submitting to social conformity and use your brain instead


Here’s the thing though, you never actually need to really learn your text editor… Unless you use vim. — Vim - I hate to love you


If your choice of operating system depends on any kind of formalities rather than on technical quality, OpenBSD is not the project you are looking for. — OpenBSD: Clean, Correct Code by Default

2021-09-08: Beyond Multiple Linear Regression: Applied Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models in R. #rstats

Once you choose the technology that runs your blog, use it. Don’t replace it, ever. Never ever rewrite it. — How to blog


There is hardly ever a good reason to invert a matrix. — Don’t invert that matrix

2021-09-13: Write more, but shorter.
2021-09-13: gobang: A cross-platform TUI database management tool written in Rust. #database
2021-09-15: Billions of Code Name Permutations in 32 bits.
2021-09-15: comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions: A collection of hypertext pages by Steve Summit. #clang
2021-09-16: Color palette generator. (via Brett Terpstra)

I don’t consider myself a beginner to Unix or computers (I even have a PhD in the damn things), but I do consider myself a fairly inept and inexperienced systems administrator, with no great desire to spend the time to become better, and my needs are fairly basic - just the usual web/shell/IRC/mail server stuff, and other random infrastructure needs that come along for my work. Incidentally, this is exactly why I prefer OpenBSD. — Why I run OpenBSD

2021-09-16: Parallel versus sequential binding.

We’ve always had to wait for our code to compile. Now we need to wait for the Docker container to be built, pushed to a registry, pulled down by Kubernetes, and everything else too. — Frustrations of Modern Development.

2021-09-21: Modern Statistics with R: From wrangling and exploring data to inference and predictive modelling, by Måns Thulin. #rstats
2021-09-21: Structural pattern matching in Python 3.10. #python
2021-09-21: The way of Emancs (via Irreal). #emacs
2021-09-21: There are (at least) two types of package managers.
imgThat was the week that was. (Actually I cooked the quiche and cake last week.)
2021-09-22: 3500+ posts and counting. And Hugo is still blazing fast…

~/Sites/aliquote master % hugo server

                   |  EN
  Pages            | 3603
  Paginator pages  |  290
  Non-page files   |    1
  Static files     | 1005
  Processed images |    0
  Aliases          |    1
  Sitemaps         |    1
  Cleaned          |    0

Built in 7072 ms

2021-09-22: For RSS users: Starting now, my RSS entries should include full-length content, and not only the summary of each entry. Enjoy your RSS reader!
2021-09-22: The Absurdity of Modern Tools. #unix
2021-09-22: gitui looks like a serious contender to Tig. #git

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