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Micro posting in October

October 30, 2019

2019-10-01: Well, we need to balance the tutorials, so let’s dive into Just Enough Emacs Lisp now. #emacs
2019-10-01: Learn vim For the Last Time: A Tutorial and Primer. #vim
2019-10-02: > Il écrit de la main droite. Dans le toorent, il a laissé pendre la gauche, massée et alanguie d’eau froide. Il est vigilant comme un pêcheur qui surveille son bouchon. Il veut tenter de rendre, de la pointe de la plume, les baisers de l’eau renouvelée qui lave elle-même son baiser. — Régine Detambel, Petit éloge de la peau
2019-10-02: I believe this the canonical way to filter in a Pandas data frame, say d, rows that contain or better, match exactly, the word “gene”:pythond[d["type"].str.match("gene", na=False)](The na=False option is just because there are some NaN values.)Now I understand why I prefer functional languages, and more specifically why I prefer to write and chain together simple functions in Python rather than implementing complex class with shadowed methods, setters and getters. #python
2019-10-02: I’m using ox-pandoc as my main engine to export Org documents to HTML or PDF. This is mostly because I know Pandoc better than the basic (Lua)Latex + Minted/lstlistings that I haven’t used in years. Funny enough, the #+ATTR_LATEX is not recognized by Pandoc, but part of #+ATTR_HTML settings (e.g., :width 75% to resize image) are honored during the export. However, neither of the HTML or PDF output include the #+CAPTION: legend! #emacs #org
2019-10-03:   Banks, Goddess.
2019-10-03: Oh I guess my remark became totally useless since lintr 2.0.0 came out on CRAN recently. I should note that old options are still valid, though, so I can keep the following in my init.el file:emacs-lisp(flycheck-lintr-linters"with_defaults(assignment_linter=NULL, camel_case_linter=NULL, commented_code_linter=NULL,absolute_paths_linter=NULL, line_length_linter(120))")Not that I am a big fan of camel case, but Bioconductor folks are apparently. #rstats #emacs
2019-10-03: A New R6RS Scheme Compiler. #scheme
2019-10-03: Akku.scm: Package management made easy. #scheme
2019-10-03: Streamlit: The fastest way to build custom ML tools. #python
2019-10-03: What is Good About Haskell? #haskell
2019-10-04:   Goldfrapp, Tales of us.
2019-10-04: > Your subconscious holds onto things it thinks you might be forgetting, and regularly interrupts you about them. (…) Never let tasks or ideas sit in your mind without being captured. — Daniel Miessler, The Most Important Productivity Lesson I Ever Learned
2019-10-04: A bit of Clojure in Python thanks to the itertools (islice) module:pythondef take(n, iterable):"Return first n items of the iterable as a list"return list(islice(iterable, n))def nth(iterable, n, default=None):"Returns the nth item or a default value"return next(islice(iterable, n, None), default)
2019-10-04: TIL (or better, releearned) about mpv, a free, open source, and cross-platform media player.
2019-10-04: Coding Matrices, Contrast Matrices and Linear Models (PDF). #rstats
2019-10-04: How do dark patterns work?
2019-10-04: Start Concurrent: A Gentle Introduction to Concurrent Programming.
2019-10-07:   Brad Mehldau, After Bach.
2019-10-07: I believe this is what happened when you forget to add Matomo tracking code in your new partial templates.

2019-10-07: I can’t believe I have that many Homebrew packages on my HD. It’s probably time to do some cleanup in my /usr/local.

2019-10-07: I love when brilliant persons can also ask thoughful question on Stack Exchange.
2019-10-07: If you like reading about others’ setup, Uses This has a nice interview with Chris Wellons. Apparently, there’s also a quick review on Irreal. And so I learned that he now mostly uses Vim and he also has a live CD in case he find himself away from his home computer.
2019-10-07: Kind of magic.

2019-10-07: Ouch, it hurts! Dear Stack Exchange, Inc.> We’d like to make sure it’s clear that none of us support interacting with people with anything short of complete respect. As moderators, we are responsible for upholding, promoting, and respecting the high standards that Stack Exchange has set over the years, and we stand behind Stack Exchange in its move to ensure everyone feels welcome and safe.
2019-10-07: Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science, by Boaz Barak.
2019-10-07: Worth Moving to Sweden as Engineers?
2019-10-08: > The reality is half of data science is just cleaning data, and the other half is complaining about how much of data science is just cleaning data. You can add another half’s worth of time for debugging your neural net, if you were coaxed into using one that isn’t off-the-shelf. — R is a joy if you treat it like awk
2019-10-08: Another great app by Jens Axel Søgaard: Racket Stories. #racket
2019-10-08: I finally got my Bitbucket account back. Just so I could delete the dozens of repositories I maintained over the years there. This is a very bad user experience since I cannot delete my account and don’t have any clue, even after reading the docs and the commnunity wiki. I guess I now have to contact the support center.
2019-10-08: I started watching Euphoria yesterday evening. It’s been a long since I haven’t watched a TV show alone. And the pilot was quite good actually.
2019-10-08: MacOS Catalina is out, apparently. What’s up now? Should I stay or should I come and see what they made to iTunes? And wasn’t Twitter removed together with all other social media stuff, or?> The Twitter for Mac app takes full advantage of the native Mac features like multiple windows, drag and drop, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
2019-10-08: Starting early so I’ll be sure I can listen to all of this while learning about computational biology.

2019-10-08: TIL about RacketScript, an experimental lightweight Racket to JavaScript compiler. #racket
2019-10-08: TIL there’s something like the X, Y and Z generations.
2019-10-08: Well, I find it weird that Apple products are more expensive in France. Conversely, I experienced a lot of trouble with taxes when buying Stata books from the US. Anyway, I no longer can afford any Apple product by myself, so I guess I’ll have to keep my finger crossed in hoping that my current Macbook will last a few more years. #apple
2019-10-08: Let’s go!

2019-10-14: After upgrading Ubuntu and R on the server at work, I’m now looking for an optimal Mac->Linux iTerm+Tmux+ssh thing. I’m close. In the meantime, I found this: My remote shell session setup, but I believe mosh is not the recommended way anymore. And I know I definitely need to re-read this again.
2019-10-14: Apple of 2019 is the Linux of 2000.
2019-10-15: From Programming Praxis: There are many algorithms for recognizing anagrams. Here is an unusual one:> Assign each character to a prime number, then map a string to the corresponding primes, and compute their product. Two strings are anagrams only if they share a product.
2019-10-15: Today on HN: What’s New In Python 3.8 and The Unix game.
2019-10-16:   Wolfert Brederode Quartet, Post Scriptum.
2019-10-16: > A functional language is a programming language made up of functions. — Doug Hoyte, Let Over Lambda
2019-10-16: > Plain text can certainly have a reputation for looking lazy or cheap, but I feel this is mostly perpetuated in the design and marketing communities. I can assure you that your average day-to-day users are much less opinionated about your email campaign design than you are. Look to satisfy your customers’ needs before your own. — Plain Text Emails, Please
2019-10-16: Browsing Apple source code reminds me so much of plain old iWeb design. (I came revisiting this site after reading Beating Decades Of Optimized C With 80 Lines Of Haskell.) #apple
2019-10-16: From Job Losses from Automation Are Being Actively Engineered and Funded, by Daniel Miessler:> Because humans are so static, and the types of things we need on a customer service call are so similar, the AI Customer Service Agent problem is similar to attacks against cryptography. Once you get a foothold, the attacks predictably get better, and they never get worse.
2019-10-16: Nicely done: Visualize the execution of different algorithms for solving the traveling salesman problem.
2019-10-16: One-to-one Tmux session reinvented: please assist.
2019-10-16: What a beautiful Emacs for writers! #emacs

2019-10-16: Beautiful Quicksort in Common Lisp. #lisp #haskell
2019-10-16: Moving to zsh. I’ve been diving with Zsh long before it became the de facto shell on macOS, and I just moved again, this time for Fish. However, there’s always something nice to learn from Scripting OS X, so I’ll keep this in my bookmarks, especially since I still use zsh occasionally (because of Emacs multi-term which doesn’t seem to like Fish very much). Thorsten Ball has a nice init file, btw.
2019-10-17:   The March Violets, The Botanic Verses.
2019-10-17: So it appears that ZghOT0eRm4U9s:p/q2-q4! is a chess move (and also the password of Ken Thompson from the good old Unix days). I’d be foolish to remember that kind of thing, but it’s definitely a strong password!

2019-10-18:   Lambchop, Live At XX Merge.
2019-10-18:   Tindersticks, Tindersticks.
2019-10-18: > There is a secret that needs to be understood in order to write good software documentation: there isn’t one thing called documentation, there are four. — What nobody tells you about documentation
2019-10-18: I don’t remember the last time I used fold in a Terminal — this is not the fold you may find in various functional PL, but one that can be very useful for counting characters in a file.
2019-10-18: That’s how it looks after you trashed thousand of professional emails that are no longer relevant in your mailbox:

2019-10-18: Is Python really faster than C++? #python #bioinformatics
2019-10-28: > Now Google wants to back out of its end of the deal. Since they are by far the dominant email provider, they apparently started thinking that they could squeeze a few more dollars out of those poor souls still using it. Of course, they’ll still be scanning your emails and collecting your data but now you’ll have to pay them to do it. — When Gmail Isn’t Free
2019-10-28: > The most compelling reason for most people to buy a computer for the home will be to link it into a nationwide communications network. Steve JobsOr what we call now social networks.
2019-10-28: I’m not a big fan of serif everywhere on a webpage, but there are definitely interesting other features in this org-specific CSS design. #org
2019-10-28: Introduction to Adversarial Machine Learning.
2019-10-28: Mac OS Catalina: more trouble than it’s worth. #apple> What I want from a new version of an operating system, especially one as mature as Mac OS, is that it fixes or improves what was not working well in previous versions, and that it leaves tried-and-true features and functionalities as untouched as technically possible. I don’t need and I don’t want disruption for disruption’s sake on a yearly basis. While I understand that today’s tech motto is The show must go on, that also doesn’t have to mean that the show should get painful to watch.
2019-10-28: Mathematics for Machine Learning.
2019-10-28: 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (via HN)
2019-10-29:   Wolfert Brederode Quartet, Post Scriptum.
2019-10-29: > We’re easier to please. Good is good enough. So only those who are the most upset, and know how to improve things, do the hard work necessary to make things great. The dissatisfied ones go make things better for all of us. — Why experts are annoying
2019-10-29: Nice utility to inspect a Git repo: onefetch. This is built with Rust, but the building stage didn’t work for me, and there’s currently no binary release for Mac.
2019-10-29: Myers Diff Algorithm - Code & Interactive Visualization. See also An Introduction To Data Science On The Linux Command Line by the same author.
2019-10-29: Text Editing Hates You Too.


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