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Micro posting in October

October 28, 2021

2021-10-04: #lisp
2021-10-05: #python

Why IRC?
> It’s free, in all senses of the word. A lot of others have done a great job of answering this question in further detail, this is by far my favourite:
> for DMs

2021-10-05: A tutorial on t-SNE (3).
2021-10-05: Common Newbie Mistakes and Bad Practices in Rust: Bad Habits. #rust
2021-10-06: Log after, not before.


Type theory was developed to be an alternative to set theory as the foundation of mathematical proofs in symbolic logic due to its ability to solve some contradictions stemming from naive set theory. — Where do Type Systems Come From?

2021-10-08: How to visualize decision trees.
2021-10-08: Statistics as algorithmic summarization. Reminds me of Efron’s introductory chapter on statistical machinery in Computer Age Statistical Inference.
2021-10-08: quickmenu: Quickly create and run optimised Windows, macOS and Linux desktop virtual machines.
2021-10-11: Awesome Babashka: Parse & produce HTML and SQLite.

I need to put that on a Post-it note as an example of how to explain a script. The best part? It would fit on a Post-it note. — More shell, less egg

2021-10-14: Command line text processing with GNU Coreutils. #unix
2021-10-14: Statistics routines in Common Lisp and XLispStat. #lisp
2021-10-20: Back to Bandcamp.

2021-10-20: Functional Algorithms, Verified!
2021-10-20: Introduction to High Performance Scientific Computing, by the author of $\TeX$ by Topic.


One of my favorite definitions of “hacking” is the creative reuse of tools for new and unexpected purposes. Hacking is using your email account as a hard drive, using your bicycle seat to open a beer, using Minecraft’s red bricks to create a calculator in the game. — Hacking is the opposite of marketing

2021-10-25: Functional Programming and Advanced Functional Programming. #haskell
2021-10-26: Interesting discussion on how to handle negative zero (IEEE754) in Scheme. #scheme
2021-10-26: A Bit About Checkpoint/Restart. #rstats
2021-10-26: Introduction to Tensor Calculus.
2021-10-26: Statistical Distributions using Apache Commons Math in Clojure. #clojure

The short version of the answer is that Lisp is not merely a different notation, it’s a fundamentally different way of thinking about what programming is. The mainstream model is that programming consists of producing standalone artifacts called programs which operate on other artifacts called data. Of course, everyone knows that programs are data, but the mainstream model revolves around maintaining an artificial distinction between the two concepts. Yes, programs are data, but they are data only for a special kind of program called a compiler. — Why Lisp

2021-10-27: FXT: a library of algorithms. (via @stylewarning)
2021-10-27: Fix-up Git commits with Tig. #git


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