Micro posting in October

October 29, 2022

2022-10-03: Newsboat can use any external browser for displaying posts. E.g., Elinks instead of Firefox to allow for a more comfortable browsing experience while staying in a terminal:
2022-10-03: New LSP features in Neovim 0.8. #vim
2022-10-05: Mathematical recipes (early draft).
2022-10-05: Querying Postgres Tables Directly From DuckDB. #database
2022-10-05: ♪ This Mortal Coil · Song to the Siren
2022-10-06: Design and Implementation of Programming Languages. #racket
2022-10-06: How to configure neovim to properly format python code?. Simpler solution is to add this mapping to your after/ftplugin/python.vim: nmap <buffer> g= :!black --quiet %<cr>:redraw!<cr>:!isort -q %<cr>:redraw!<cr>. Not sure if we really need two redraw, but it works quite well. This could be put in an autocommand if we want to format on save, say. #vim
2022-10-06: Move a running process into a tmux session. This happened to me in the past, and I came up with a different solution, which involves the same steps but without reptyr IIRC. Now I forgot how I did…
2022-10-06: What are the odds?
2022-10-06: ♪ Bauhaus · Bela Lugosi Is Dead

If you just want the executive summary, here it is: these are definitely interesting algorithms from an arithmetic complexity theory standpoint – especially for the case of 4×4 matrices over finite fields, where (to the best of my knowledge) Strassen’s algorithm from 1969 was still the reigning champion. These algorithms are also practically relevant, meaning that not only do they have better asymptotic lower bounds than Strassen’s algorithm, they are still algorithms you might actually use in practice, unlike essentially everything else that has been written on the topic in the last 50 years: these algorithms are correct, and will in principle win over Strassen’s algorithm with large enough matrices, but that cut-off is well beyond the sizes that anyone is actually doing computations with. — On AlphaTensor’s new matrix multiplication algorithms

2022-10-07: An open-source tribute to the macOS Drift screensaver. I always enjoyed the “flame” screensaver, but that may well do the job as well! #apple
2022-10-07: Partitioning in Postgres, 2022 edition. #database
2022-10-07: ♪ Front 242 · Headhunter
2022-10-09: ♪ Dead or Alive · You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
2022-10-10: PDF processing and analysis with open-source tools.
2022-10-10: Running GUI Linux in a virtual machine on a Mac. #apple
2022-10-10: ♪ London After Midnight · Demon

(…) code should be as evident and transparent as possible in it’s intent and declarative programing (therefore functional programming) help us achieve this goal more effectively and efficiently than imperative programing. — Why I use typed functional programming

2022-10-11: The Plain Text Project.
2022-10-17: A good deal of piano for everyone!

Instagram users can only write plaintext without any formatting and it even doesn’t look nice onthe phone and you have to insert an image even in case you only want to post a message and youknow what? Nobody cares. I can only talk about russian speaking segment of the platform but theamount of activity there is just crazy. People not only share cat photos there, but also buy andsell stuff, write analytical articles, do workshops and trainings without any problem. The factthat sometimes they have to literally edit the photo and put a text overlay on top of it (and itoften looks like some of the worst myspace examples) doesn’t bother anyone. And all thecommunication is solved with a restricted instagram account or a closed whatsapp group. — From the basics to complexity and back


The academic prestige of Latin and Greek underwent a steady, centuries long decline. Where do C and assembly fit on this map? We certainly aren’t in a Medieval University, where these topics were mandatory, but neither are we in a post-modern sociology class, where the classics are not only dead, but whose distant memory haunts our conscience. — Learn enough C to survive

2022-10-17: Never got into J, but what a language! Random walk in 2 lines of J.
2022-10-17: C23 is Finished: Here is What is on the Menu. #clang
2022-10-17: How Python programmers can uncontroversially approach build, dependency, and packaging tooling (+ a note on Zig). #python
2022-10-17: Typing Haskell in Haskell (PDF, 38 pp.). #haskell
2022-10-17: ♪ Clan of Xymox · Equal Ways
2022-10-18: TIL about FiraGO. Togther with Fira Math, it makes for a perfect combination of fonts for handouts and slides. Now, it’s a matter of adding the following declaration in my $\LaTeX$ preamble:

\setmainfont[Numbers={Tabular}]{Fira Sans}
\setsansfont{Fira Sans Condensed}
\setmonofont{Fira Code}
\setmathfont{Fira Math}

And it works perfectly well using Emacs Org export facilities!
2022-10-18: OpenBSD Minimalist Desktop. #unix
2022-10-18: make a static site with find(1), grep(1), and lowdown or

Despite the fact that I spend hundreds of dollars a year and hours of work to host my own email server, Google has about half of my personal email! Last year, Google delivered 57% of the emails in my inbox that I replied to. They have delivered more than a third of all the email I’ve replied to every year since 2006 and more than half since 2010. — Google Has Most of My Email Because It Has All of Yours


I dread the day in which I will hear a loud knock on my door and one of those programmers will barge in informing me that he is going to store a piece of his furniture in the middle of my living room, if I don’t mind. — Dotfile madness


I’m definitely not in favor of fossilizing Unix, but there’s a difference between avoiding fossilization and the kind of minimal, mathematical purity that we see GNU Grep trying to impose here. Unix has long since passed the point where it had that sort of minimalism in the standard commands. Modern Unix has all sorts of duplications and flourishes that aren’t strictly necessary, and for good reasons. One of them is that it’s nicer for the actual people using Unix. — We are stuck with egrep and fgrep (unless you like beating people)

2022-10-24: Compilation database. #clang
2022-10-24: Debugging C With Cosmopolitan Libc. #clang
2022-10-24: Eggplant is a self-hosted music streaming service.
2022-10-24: ♪ Adam Wakeman · Speak

I think it all stems from Apple’s desire to simplify things for themselves, architecture-wise — Apple Silicon is quite innovative in bringing the advantages of iOS devices to Macs (performance + power efficiency). The terrible decision, in my view, has been to also want to bring the iOS look and feel to the Mac. It was unnecessary, it has broken so many tried-and-true Mac interface guidelines, and it has delivered a massive blow to the whole operating system’s identity. Just to make the Mac what, more fashionable? — My next Mac might be the last

2022-10-25: Howdie! Eglot has landed on master
2022-10-25: Overthinking Leetcode’s Two Sum with SIMD. #rust
2022-10-25: Render looks like an interesting alternative to Heroku.

I find the developer experience of Common Lisp to be superior to almost anything imaginable, and this is not an empty statement: having used all sorts of IDEs and editors for over 25 years, I have seen many. — Between two Lisps


That’s right: what’s good for the lurkers is also good for everybody else. Just like all the great practices that enable remote work also made things better for anybody working in an office (if you remember what that was like and can believe that so many people just put up with that for so long), so does favoring transparency and following up on questions in the open improve all your team dynamics. — Learning By Lurking

2022-10-26: Python 3.11 is much faster than 3.8. #python
2022-10-26: The history of documented Unix facilities. #unix
2022-10-26: Time is an illusion, Unix time doubly so…. #unix
2022-10-26: ♪ Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer · Neo and Trinity Theme (Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer Exomorph Remix) [from “The Matrix Resurrections”]
2022-10-26: ♪ Kavinsky · Nightcall

On the one hand, the hardware is great and so is the performance. On the other, getting a new Mac today means it comes with Ventura or Monterey preinstalled, which is unfortunate, and of course there is no downgrade path. — My next Mac might be the last

2022-10-27: Little shell script to listen to some free internet radios:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# sources
case "$1"
  injazz) src=$jazz;;
  misc) src=$misc;;
  *)echo "Unknown streaming source...";;
mpv --no-video $src

2022-10-27: TIL that sending Fzf results to the quickfix list is as simple as pressing <cr> after selecting items using <tab>. #vim
2022-10-27: Shell Script Best Practices. #unix
2022-10-27: ♪ Clan of Xymox · A Day

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