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Micro posting in November

November 30, 2020


My distro-hopping days had come to an end. I just wanted a system that would let me code, write, and browse the Web. I chose the easy way. — Emacs and Emanuele Severino

2020-11-03: Odd Comments and Strange Doings in Unix. #unix
2020-11-04: Genstat is really one of the only statistical package that I never tried. A few days ago, it came to my attention that there’s also the ASReml R package that I never used for mixed-effect models. #rstats
2020-11-04: I’m sick since 4 days now. Kinda like a flu, except that it’s not really a flu, but just because I have so many medication alongside, I’m just out of order all day long. So I’m left with music (since I can’t really read any book), and now it’s time for a lovely live.

2020-11-04: Lovely digital minimalism, and light TUI themes.
2020-11-04: My preferred color scheme for Stata graphics remains plotplain, although there are many nice alternatives. TIL about stata-scheme-modern. #stata
2020-11-04: Nice textbook for SPSS and R users: Applied Missing Data Analysis. #rstats
2020-11-04: Shrink PDF. Postscript forever.
2020-11-04: The XY Problem. Together with, I’m ready for most e-mail solicitations.
2020-11-04: The manuscripts of Edsger W. Dijkstra, 1930–2002 (via John D Cook).
2020-11-06: Another nice textbook on the Design of Experiments and Observational Studies. #rstats
2020-11-06: Still a bit sick. That was the week it was.
2020-11-06: A full-fledged version of Tetris written in Racket.
2020-11-06: Boot volume layout. #apple
2020-11-06: Deprecating scp.
2020-11-13: I’ve been sick for two weeks now: probably a rhinopharyngitis at the beginning, which evolved into sinusitis. It’s getting better now, hopefully I’ll be able to post stuff here and there. Nothing interesting on HN the past few days, I should probably go back to good old RSS feeds which I haven’t check in days.

It’s easy to grow disillusioned with tech, even to the point that it appals you. I’ve been using computers since 1988 and the net since 1995 and over time, something’s happened. During the last decade or so, my mind has increasingly been preoccupied with the following thoughts: I’m no longer in control of my computer and my OS. The modern web is a cesspool of tracking scripts, ads, malware and clickbait designed to suck you in and make you stupid. — Subversive Computing


For the real amazement, if you wish to be amazed, is this process. You start out as a single cell derived from the coupling of a sperm and an egg; this divides in two, then four, then eight, and so on, and at a certain stage there emerges a single cell which has as all its progeny the human brain. The mere existence of such a cell should be one of the great astonishments of the earth. People ought to be walking around all day, all through their waking hours calling to each other in endless wonderment, talking of nothing except that cell. — I should have loved biology

2020-11-20: ANOVA: A Short Intro Using R. #rstats
2020-11-20: Mixed Models with R. #rstats
2020-11-20: Paul’s online math notes.
2020-11-24: What a beautiful dashboard for mu4e! #emacs
2020-11-24: Yet another online R textbook: One Way ANOVA with R. #rstats
2020-11-24: Damage Caused by Classification Accuracy and Other Discontinuous Improper Accuracy Scoring Rules.
2020-11-24: Hands-On Machine Learning with R. #rstats
2020-11-26: Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice (3rd ed.).
2020-11-26: P² quantile estimator: estimating the median without storing values.
2020-11-26: Tidy Modeling with R. #rstats
2020-11-26: V7/x86 is a port of the Seventh Edition of the UNIX operating system to the x86 (i386) based PC. #unix


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