Micro posting in November

November 26, 2021


BSD is what you get when a bunch of Unix hackers sit down to try to port a Unix system to the PC. Linux is what you get when a bunch of PC hackers sit down and try to write a Unix system for the PC. — BSD vs Linux

2021-11-02: Clojonic: Pythonic Clojure. #clojure
2021-11-02: Let’s Decentralize: Alternatives to the standard internet stack.
2021-11-02: OpenBSD from a veteran Linux user perspective. #unix
2021-11-05: How to learn compilers: LLVM Edition.
2021-11-05: Rewind the web to 2002. Thanks, that was one of my preferred website back in 1999. This also remember me of those CD covers I was crafting together.
2021-11-15: Algorithms animated.
2021-11-15: Bayesian Optimization Book.
2021-11-15: Scientific visualization Course, by Nicolas Rougier.
2021-11-16: Project Euler, problem 10:

It is oddly satisfying to know that no matter the kind of machine I find myself on or the kind of restrictions it has (no network to download Emacs and/or my custom configuration, corporate policy against fetching packages from MELPA, etc.), that there will always be an editor that I can happily use without needing to make it “my own”. — vi, my favorite config-less editor

2021-11-23: How Python List Works. #python
2021-11-23: How many principal components?.
2021-11-23: Learning Containers From The Bottom Up.
2021-11-23: Preserving k-mer frequencies in sequence shuffles.
2021-11-24:   Alice in Chains, Facelift. Long time no see.
2021-11-24: If you are looking for some small or largish dataset for your statistical machinery, don’t
2021-11-24: Not to say, but this should be the 2958th post since 2018-02-15, when I first launch this micro-blog. Other than that there are 586 posts available on the regular blog, of which 319 were written the last 4 years. #this
2021-11-24: Lesser Known PostgreSQL Features.
2021-11-24: The Arcane Algorithm Archive.
2021-11-24: The Kelly Coin-Flipping Game: Exact Solutions. Also worth taking some time to explore the whole site which is beautifully designed.

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