Micro posting in November

November 29, 2022

2022-11-03: ♪ Melanie De Biasio · Your Freedom Is the End of Me

Before we embark on yet another defense of the language along the lines of: parentheses in Lisp are great, but only insiders can understand them. Let’s notice a second element that often confuses those who learn the language: in Lisp everything is prefixed. — Why Lisp

2022-11-04: Linux Boot Partitions and How to Set Them Up. #unix
2022-11-04: ♪ Joy Division · Transmission

It’s easy to get hung up on this. I’ve definitely felt the self-imposed pressure to only write something if it’s new, and unique, and feels like it’s never been said before. This is a mental trap that does nothing but hold you back. — What to blog about

2022-11-08: Enjoying music curation again (via O. Valadares' Blog).
2022-11-08: Performance Musings. #unix
2022-11-08: This is not your grandfather’s Perl.
2022-11-12: ♪ The White Stripes · Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise
2022-11-14: Futhark is a small programming language designed to be compiled to efficient parallel code.
2022-11-14: Numbers in a Nutshell, an Update. #lisp
2022-11-14: Understanding async Python for the web. #python
2022-11-14: Why does zsh start so slowly?. #unix
2022-11-14: ♪ Patti Smith Group · Seven Ways of Going
2022-11-15: Beware of fast-math.
2022-11-15: ♪ Anna Smyrk · Wallace Street

Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. A private matter is something one doesn’t want the whole world to know, but a secret matter is something one doesn’t want anybody to know. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world. — A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto

2022-11-16: Great set of lecture notes: QuantEcon Lectures.
2022-11-16: Why does calloc exist?. #clang
2022-11-16: - A Visual Bibliography of Tree Visualization 2.0 by Hans-Jörg Schulz. #dataviz
2022-11-16: ♪ Bauhaus · In The Night

Get ready to read a sentimental post about a data structure, and don’t tell I didn’t warn you. — In defense of linked lists

2022-11-17: Blot/Painting p5js sketch. Lovely.
2022-11-17: Build Your Own Text Editor. #clang
2022-11-17: ♪ Catherine Moan · Drop It!
2022-11-22: Today’s readings: Clojure’s Transducers in Haskell, and Understanding Clojure transducers through types. #clojure #haskell
2022-11-22: Python Tips & Tricks. #python
2022-11-22: Writing Interpreters in Rust: a Guide. #rust

Using a 12-bit colour depth limits the available colours, so slight changes to hue, chroma, and luminance must be made, but these are small enough not to be noticeable. The resulting palette has evenly-spaced hues, only small variations in chroma, and smoothly increasing and decreasing luminance. — The 12-bit rainbow palette

2022-11-23: Quirks of C. #clang
2022-11-23: x86 and amd64 instruction reference.

Ranking is a farce. Apparent performance is actually attributable mostly to the system that the individual works in, not to the individual himself. — W. Edwards Deming, via Statistical process control after W. Edwards Deming

2022-11-28: Figuring out round, floor and ceil with integer division. #clang
2022-11-28: GNOME doesn’t need to be that huge. #apple #unix
2022-11-28: ♪ Anthony Joseph · Swing Praxis (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

The short version is that most of your Instagram photos are hidden from your followers unless they receive engagement in the form of likes and comments. — The Indie Web is Dead, Long Live the Indie Web

2022-11-29: So many things already built-in in Mathematica… via Using Julia from Mathematica
2022-11-29: Everything I wish I knew when learning C. #clang
2022-11-29: Introduction to Genomics for Engineers. #bioinformatics
2022-11-29: Pattern Matching and Tail Recursion in Emacs Lisp. #lisp
2022-11-29: Sane Vim defaults (from Neovim). #vim
2022-11-29: The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning.
2022-11-29: ♪ Norah Jones · To Live

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