Micro posting in December

December 30, 2022

2022-12-05: The Database Cookbook For Developers. #database
2022-12-05: ♪ Neil Young · Heart Of Gold

And we see that machines can fail Statistics, just like college students. — Just How Good Is ChatGPT in Data Science?


Code can only ever be fast if it’s written with the contraints of computer hardware in mind, and idiomatic Python isn’t. — What’s great about Julia?

2022-12-08: ♪ New Order · 5 8 6 (2020 Digital Master)
2022-12-15: ♪ Mal Waldron · Mistral Breeze / Sieg Haile
2022-12-19: LosslessCut: The Swiss Army Knife of Lossless Video/Audio Editing.
2022-12-20: JSXGraph: Dynamic Mathematics with JavaScript.

Wavefunction Collapse is a very independent-minded algorithm, and needs almost no outside help or instruction. You feed it an example of the vibe you’re going for, and it figures everything else out for itself. Despite this self-sufficiency, it is surprisingly simple. It doesn’t use any neural networks, random forests, or anything else that sounds like machine learning. — The Wavefunction Collapse Algorithm explained very clearly

2022-12-22: Comprehensive Rust.
2022-12-22: How I still use Flash in 2022. I sometimes miss that time. CSS is great but Flash was really adding value to some indie websites back in the day.
2022-12-22: Reanimate: Build declarative animations with SVG and Haskell. #haskell
2022-12-22: ♪ Joy Division · Love Will Tear Us Apart
2022-12-26: APITable, an API-oriented low-code platform for building collaborative apps and better than all other Airtable open-source alternatives.
2022-12-26: Challenging algorithms and data structures every programmer should try.
2022-12-26: Introduction to Locality-Sensitive Hashing. #statistics
2022-12-26: The Boxer, the Wrestler, and the Coin Flip: A Paradox of Robust Bayesian Inference and Belief Functions (PDF, 5 pp.). #statistics
2022-12-26: ♪ Matthew E. White · Will You Love Me
2022-12-28: Happy lazy loading of Neovim plugins (actually 15 plugins, including 13 opt plugins):

» vim-startuptime -vimpath nvim

Extra options: []
Measured: 10 times
Total Average: 15.662100 msec
Total Max:     16.085000 msec
Total Min:     15.505000 msec

2022-12-28: 26 programming languages in 25 days.
2022-12-28: How to annotate literally everything.
2022-12-28: If you’re looking for unusual or hard-to-find websites via Google or friends… (h/t bsag).
2022-12-28: ♪ Wolfsheim · Once In a Lifetime
2022-12-30: Have been sick during two weeks. One week later, here are my top tags on

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