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June 17, 2021

Things from the internet that I heard about recently.

Unfortunately, code reviews also appear to be a difficult problem. Many projects are bottlenecked by code reviews, in that reviewers are hard to find and progress gets slowed down by having to wait a long time for reviews.
The “solution” that I’ve often seen applied in practice is to have lower quality code reviews. Reviewers don’t attempt to gain a proper understanding of a change, so reviews become shallower and therefore easier. This is convenient on the surface, but more likely to allow bad code to go through: a subtle corner case that isn’t covered by tests (yet?) may be missed, there may be a misunderstanding of a relevant underlying spec, a bad design decision slips through, and so on. This is bound to cause pains later on. — They want to be small, they want to be big: thoughts on code reviews and the power of patch series

Which is to say: the very same phenomenon appears to operate in scientific publishing and reviewing.

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