December in review

December 19, 2022

A quick summary of what I’ve read lately.

Ultimately, we want to help human intuition to do what it does best. That means people’s interactions with computers should only help them to do what is needed, to inform them, to help them connect to the real world, and to draw their attention towards important things they’ve forgotten, and away from unimportant things they’re too focused upon.

The magic disappeared and our optimism has since faded. Our websites are slow and insecure; our startups are creepy and unprofitable; our president Tweets hate speech; we don’t trust our social media apps, webcams, or voting machines. And in the era of coronavirus quarantining, we’re realizing just how inadequate the Internet turned out to be as a home of Mind. — Where Did Software Go Wrong?.

The above blog post somewhat reminds me of Niki Tonsky’s Software disenchantment.

♪ Bauhaus • Bela Lugosi’s Dead

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