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One year micro-blogging

March 14, 2019

One year micro-blogging (or so), and still alive.

Initially, I just thought I would put all the links I find on the internet or on Twitter in a single place. I have an org-capture template to store links I visit on my web browser (Safari), in the spirit of this nice blog post found on Irreal, and that’s all fine since I generally just want to bookmark web pages in a plain text file. Sometimes, I add some comment or cross-links, but that’s really all. Inspired by the project that I learned about from Jack Baty, my intended distance from Twitter, and one of my other desperate attempts to escape these depressive moods, I decided last year to set up a new section on this website. It soon became a medium of choice to publish short idea or comment on some of the links I found on the internet, myself or via people I still follow in the blogosphere.

Nothing new, everybody who likes to write a little will know that we need a way to express ourselves quickly. Twitter is great for that specific purpose, but it became viral at some point. And besides, I don’t really have any professional or personal contact on this social network. And what if I want to host my own content? And that’s how it finally happened..

A quick check indicates that I am approaching the 500th micro-post:

aliquote master ✗ abdb045 23h25m ◒ ♯  ls content/micro | wc -l

Here is a quick and dirty summary of all my micro-posts:

Well, even raw data say a lot: I like Keith Jarrett, and I mostly talk about Emacs and my readings, as well as TV shows I watch in the evening (“season”). Note that I removed words with less than 4 characters, and that I no longer smoke (“cigarettes” comes from the band Cigarettes after sex).

Of course, I have been posting on the main section as well, and it is generally more thoughtful content or I hope so. However, I found that having a place where I can just post some links or drop some words is a great alternative to letting longer posts die with time. I don’t know how long it is going to last, but it is still alive, like me. At least for the time being.

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