One year scrobbling

October 7, 2022

It’s been a full year of scrobbling… I registered an account on last year. Originally, this was mostly to get recommendations and to track the music I listen to on Cmus, as an alternative to Apple Music which I no longer really use (even if they offer an online platform now). I prefer to stand by my offline records.

Anyway, the statistics speak for themselves now: these are almost 36,000 scrobbles in one year, which means between 60 and 90 hours each week, and 700-800 tracks weekly on average. I don’t have a premium account so it’s hard to figure out a detailed report of my activities. Of course, I know what I listened too, this is mostly of the post-punk and jazz genres.

Last year summary is shown below (October–December):


My music library is composed of 13,632 tracks in MP3 format, as of today, and a bunch of additional music and video grabbed from Youtube or old MP3s not properly tagged yet. It’s by far the most reliable collection I had over the last 25 years, since I spent a fait amount of time cleaning dead records and tagging all valid records using beets and MusicBrainz. I don’t mind the cover, most of the time, but I know Rhythmbox is able to fetch them automagically, so I have most of them somewhere cached on my computer.

Of course, this does not mean that I only listen to digital music. I have some good old vinyles standing right there in my home office. Best therapy ever. See you next year!

♪ Cocteau Twins • Blood Bitch

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