Some interesting R packages

September 19, 2023

It’s interesting to see how few R code I write these days, compared to my early professional carrier as a medical statistician. I could have some opportunities to do biostatistical stuff but most of the time I am never asked to and my job resolves around genomics these days. That’s fine by me, I still have some opportunities to learn new things, especially in NGS and bioinformatics. At work I mostly use Python and Bash, because they fulfill their role for string processing and task orchestration. When I’m not involved in programming, I’m using more or less esoteric bioinformatic software, for which my rough estimate of their lifetime is about 2 years after having been described in a peer-reviewed paper. Anyway, I still do some statistical stuff, mostly for fun at home, and most of the time R comes to the rescue, even if I also use Stata and Mathematica.

Here are some R packages I discovered or reinstalled in 2023:

tbl_summary(iris) |> as_gt() |> gtsave(filename = "/tmp/out.tex")

There are many other packages that I once installed but removed soon after using them. There are also lot of packages that I am not aware of. In fact, I stopped my technological watch years ago, and never really came back, so that I’m mostly comfortable with what I’ve learned long time ago. By the way, it was already cool. Curiously, while I was using the Bioconductor project and its packages 13 years ago for GWAS analysis, I no longer use them, except for RNASeq or metagenomics-related stuff.

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