Desktop setup

October 6, 2021

New (riced) desktop setup.

Gnome 20.04 LTS: i3-gaps, polybar, rofi (not shown), Kitty, Neomutt, Irssi, Cmus.

Update [2022-02-04]

desktop Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Regolith/i3-gaps, i3bar, rofi (not shown), Tmux, Gnome terminal, Neomutt, cmus.

Update [2022-09-03]

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: Gnome Mutter/tactile, Tmux, Simple (Suckless) terminal or Gnome terminal, Neovim, Cmus, Irssi and Neomutt (not shown).

Update [2023-02-13]

desktop2 Alacritty with font ligature support, Tmux, Cmus, Neovim nightly.

I will update this post with more screenshots as I continue updating my desktop setup on a regular basis. However, it is unlikely the main applications I use daily will change. If you like ricing your desktop too, go take a look at (crafted by Joshua Stein).

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