Some solutions for secure and encrypted information

April 9, 2018

Back in January, I came across a tweet saying “Protect yourself today.” That sounds great!

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But how do we ensure that we are really secured? That nobody (especially a large company) tracks us on internet, without speaking about the Internet of Things. That we remain free of listening to music, watching TV show, sending messages to friends over wireless network without being watched and recorded without our knowledge? How about Yahoo (500 million users) or Facebook (90 million) massive leak?

I did not renew my subscription for Google extra storage and Dropbox, and stopped using Google as my main search engine (in favor of Duck Duck Go). Regarding email, we are left with very few options: either we delete our Gmail account and manage to set up a secure IMAP account with another provider (yet, we will need to ensure that it offers at least as much of a security as what Google actually offers), along the same idea we can just host everything on a personal server (again, we need to ensure ourselves that it is secure) — that would be my preferred option if only one of my old Macbook’s was still alive1, or we can just avoid email at all but I am not sure this really is an option, isn’t it? I did reinvest my money in Apple Music. I am telling Apple what music I like and what TV show I want to buy. I have an iCloud account with 50 Go storage, and a Family pack to share apps and events with my son.

I guess I now just have a rent at Apple whereby my informations can be exploited whenever they want. That’s just Apple, not Google. I will probably change my mind in few months. We cannot escape the land of information and the flaws it has generated.

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  1. I got ride of them by offering them to friends or family. ↩︎

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