Site redesign

September 22, 2019

It tooks a while but I finally made it: I redesigned the website few days ago. I am more than happy with the new design: it remains minimalistic but easier to manage, and a lot of old stuff has been cleaned up along the way.

The previous design was derived from the even theme. It has served me well during the past two years, but over time I found it hard to maintain in a decent state. Hugo changed a lot in later releases, leading to pesky errors with old Go statements. I ended up freazing my Hugo program to the latest version that was actually working with my current settings, but I knew this would not last forever. Three days ago, I decided to upgrade Hugo to the last version available in Homebrew tap, and update the Even theme with the newly released one. I fixed things here and there, and just gave up as soon as I realized that I wanted to build my own package. Most importantlty, I wanted to fix annoying things like image displays, preformatted code blocks and syntax highlighting, Hugo pagination (which was actually too large).

While browsing existing Hugo themes and frameworks, I came across the Ezhil theme. This was just what I was looking for to get started: A sober theme, with minimal CSS and div layout. I worked on it a bit, and finally ended up with the slightly altered version you are currently browsing. Overall, this is mostly Ezhil, but with different structured views, and above all new fonts.

Here is what is under the hood:

Hopefully, nothing will change for the reader. This is juts that the homepage is now set to point to the flux of my micro-posts, instead of the summary view I used to use beforehand. All posts are listed in reverse chronological order, without any preview of any kind. I just report the publication date and word count. The RSS feed remains the same, but I may eventually remove micro-posts from it since RSS readers may suffer from such noisy activity.

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