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The unquantified self #6

March 18, 2019

Spring is not yet here, even if we believed it for a moment. But it will obviously not be long now. In the meantime let me continue my literary peregrinations on this blog.

Time has passed since I returned to work. Always a little tired in the afternoon, but overall I think it’s ok. The work is interesting enough not to make me regret the time I spent reading books at home for two years. I learned that I will surely lost 1/5 of my salary by the end of the year. I’m not quite happy with that. This is France, we all have to live with that, and to find other ways to earn our life after a PhD. Social progress is not where we expect it most in general. Since I no longer have any external consulting activities, life will get harder probably, but life is just a(nother) fight after all. So, just stay strong. Anyway, regarding work-related stuff I’ve set up Emacs in the best possible conditions to adapt to a simpler way of working and keep track of everything I do during the day. I keep posting on the micro-blog a lot (a bit?), while trying to keep my social media or other mind washers consumption to a minimum. By social media I just mean Twitter and Twitch since I already deleted my Linkedin, Youtube and Amazon accounts.

Currently listening to a nice playlist that I discovered on Apple Music last month… The current track is quite relaxing, especially while drinking a beer.

I spent a lot of time cooking at home this month, mainly salads, served rice and spicy vegetables. I’m far from being a vegetarian or vegan guy, but I must admit that I’ve come to prefer this type of food with time. Below is a collection of screenshots taken from my home sweet home (1000 € per month, I believe this apartment and its kitchen, albeit lovely, deserves a special mention on this blog):

My son and I are finally done with The 100, and (almost) The Expanse. We may eventually switch to full movie at some point; I was thinking of series like Terminator, Matrix, Highlander, Jason Bourne, or Taken–so that, you know, he get a minimum of knowledge about the films that rocked my youth, without getting too bored of course. I already watched the latest one three time in a rows, so I would prefer to start from the beginning of the list. I am almost done myself with Occupied. This was a great TV show. Don’t know what to watch next.

As before, I no longer have any plan. Let’s see how it goes with time.


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