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The unquantified self #8

May 30, 2019

Some fresh news, probably expired already.

It’s already the end of May. I didn’t see the time pass, or rather yes, but just because of this throbbing fatigue that nails me in my couch as soon as I get home from work. It’s okay, I don’t have any plans anyway. I spent a good part of my time building a website (Python+Flask+Postresql) for work, at my own pace. I never thought I’d find myself being so slow at times. But when I have dizziness or hypotension lurking around, there’s no need to look for the slightest bug in a file, I’m just going into a freefall (in my head, as well as physically). I can cope with that too. The job is okay, I don’t mind not being a statistican anymore. I’m definitely done with medical statistics in any case. Also, I mean, I probably have only a few years left so that I can’t really get attached–and I should not. I always loved working as a computer scientist, so in a way this bioinformatics job is almost perfect under the circumstances.

Other than that, I managed to read a few books anyway, and to watch a few movies–in several stages, each time, because I’m at the end of my life in the evening after two beers! My son and I enjoyed watching the last season of The Walking Dead, and we are now busy with the latest season of Game of Thrones. This should not take a long time since the producers decided to shorten it to 6 episodes, if I understand correctly. Next one on the radar is The 100, season 5.

I wish I had more time to rest and just read a good book. I don’t buy new books, or very few every two months or so, and I just keep reading the ones I got from my past life, or those I find at the tram station where people drop off the books they no longer want. I’m turning 45 next week, and I have probably reached an age where there is more pleasure in rereading than in discovering new things:

Je suis à l'âge où on relit. Je ne peux plus marcher qu’en flash-back.

I also decided to update my data-related toolset, and to switch back to command-line only tools. I want to use other languages for scientific computing (no more R or Stata, if possible) and I will spend the next few months in learning functional PLs more seriously. Coupled with a Javascript backend, I believe Racket or Clojure are probably the best way to move forward. I spent the last two weeks in CLI mode. No more native apps; everything’s running in a Terminal. I quite like it.

Finally, I have a few movies left. And of course, a lot of music under my belt. It should allow me to last the whole month of June.


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