The unquantified self #10

August 22, 2019

Latest news from the Summer here.

Days have been pretty quite because I was on holidays during the last five weeks, half time ill but that’s ok, I’m used to being in a second state now. The hot weather didn’t help—we reached 42°C one day!—and, anyway, I didn’t really want to program on my computer anymore so I took some rest. I’m back pushing to Github and reading a lot of articles on genetics and functional programming. I could almost enjoy it if I weren’t so tired when I get back at home after day job. But let’s not dwell on these bad thoughts, I’m not often optimistic lately. I have a new office, BTW.


I found myself using the micro blog a lot more recently. I will probably slow down the pace and focus on a more detailed review of questions. I’ve stopped my monthly “bag of tweets”: I no longer bookmark any post on Twitter, and I only keep my account alive in order to follow users that I have been following for a long time and many new on the French side. Anyway, here is a quick summary of my posts on the Micro section:


I took advantage of these few days to read as much as I could, very irregularly, but always with great pleasure anyway. Here are the titles: Denis Michelis, Etat d’ivresse (Notabila); Ségolène Daignies, Piano destinato (Mercure de France); Haruki Murakami, Sommeil (10/18); Clélie Avit, L’expérience de la pluie (Plon); Christian Grindicelli, Station balnéaire (Gallimard); Joël Bastard, Des lézards, des liqueurs (Gallimard); Orhan Pamuk, La femme aux cheveux roux (Gallimard); Yannick Haenel, Tiens ferme ta couronne (Gallimard); Erri De Luca, La tour de l’Oie (Gallimard); Ricarda Huch, Le dernier été (Viviane Hamy); Thierry Laget, Proust, prix Goncourt (Gallimard); Laetitia Colombani, Les victorieuses (Grasset); Antonio Moresco, La petite lumière (Verdier); Anaïs Nin, Une espionne dans la maison de l’amour (Stock). There are plenty more waiting for me in the living room but now I have to find time to read them.

Strangely enough I didn’t listen to a lot of new music and I stayed focused mainly on playlists that I like. I keep my subscription to Apple Music for the moment, even if I am aware of some good alternatives like Roon. I learned that Apple will launch Apple TV+, and I will probably have to upgrade my Apple TV and try this new VOD offer. I wonder whether they will introduce other important changes to iTunes, because I would prefer they just stop downgrading its features for the only benefit of Apple Music–even if I know that in the long run there will be an app dedicated to each service (TV, Music, News, Podcasts, etc.), like on iOS, and that’s all. Recommendations on Apple Music are generally good (read, not so many false positives, but a higher number of true negatives), even if I often dismiss the whole recommendation panel and instead start browsing from album to album when I find interesting cross-links.


My son and I started watching Chernobyl, then stopped because he didn’t like it. I finished it alone, a few days ago. The last episode is brilliant. We move on to 12 Monkeys, which is really well tied up after all. There are four seasons (we already finished the first), so it should keep us busy for a few more weeks as school starts soon. And I was about to forget: I also spent a lot of time loosing at various game during the Summer…


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