The unquantified self #11

October 11, 2019

Here are the latest personal news from the one who no longer has any name.

The stock of TV shows is growing, slowly but it has the merit of being there, next to my Apple TV:


I’m afraid the next macOS release will probably break everything, so I will wait and see how far I can go with Mojave. After quite a lengthy break — not counting movies and series that I watched with my son, of course — I started watching some TV shows in the evening again: Euphoria. This is pretty good, actually, especially given the fact that I was looking for some kind of a divertissement, and that Twitch streams are less engaging at the moment. Holycube is over, by the way, so thank you Roi Louis (and Alpz) for all the great job, and the sharing of joy and humour (I am not a big fan of Twitch chat and I can’t afford being a sponsor, so here are a few words in recognition):


My son and I did watch 12 Monkeys during the last few weeks, and it was really great. And we are onto Westworld right now.

I spent a lot of time lately programming in various languages, mainly Racket, Python and Haskell. I must confess I am highly biased toward functional PLs, but well I’ve been using Python daily since I got a new work, so it is often easier to scratch some stuff in Python then think about it, and rewrite a proper recursive version. Anyway, I have some free time to experiment with those languages and I am more than happy spending my day job with a computer rather than wasting my time in endless meetings with physicians as I was doing in the past.


Besides, I now spend most of my day using a Terminal and Emacs, just a Terminal and Emacs. This is great, and many of you can probably imagine what amount of work we can achieve using those simple tools. The third app I use on a regular basis is of course Safari, but if I were to do real work (i.e., programming or writing) I might as well do without this last application. And this is the point: there is no need to bother with unnecessary applications when your job can be done with text-based workflows.

I like my editor. It fits my needs perfectly, and I can customize everything how I need it. — Leah Neukirchen

Other than that, while I happened to read a lot of books during the Summer holidays, I have less time now unfortunately. However, I managed to re-read Anaïs Nin, a lot of small novels and short stories that I often find in a public book case near my work. I also listened to a lot of music, almost daily. No need for Roon, iTunes has been getting better the last few months:


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