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The unquantified self #12

February 20, 2020

The previous entry in this series of posts dates back to October 2019. Long time no see, then. Or probably that I didn’t have much to say and that I preferred to stay focused on current work and free time. Compared to the very first posts, I must admit that I’m in better mood or shape, depending on the point of view. I’m keeping my eyes open, though, who knows?

Cela ira
Je n’ai pas peur du noir
Et puis il n’y a pas de vautours
Dans les étoiles
— Alicia Gallienne, L’autre moitié du songe m’appartient

I have not much to say about work days: They are just work days. Nothing too boring nothing too exciting. I’m okay with that. I try to spend a little time on this blog with new stuff, mostly unrelated to my current professional duties. It’s important to keep active when you change your research topic completely, but it’s still hard to find good common ground. I decided to focus on mathematics and scientific computing. Let’s see how this works for the next few months. Regarding technical computing, I’m a bit afraid of Apple’s OSs for the future. I’m still on my Macbook 12″, which I really like, but I may switch to Linux soon or later as the next release of macOS doesn’t look like the right move to me (and others).

I often find myself spending my evenings looking back in the past, but that’s easy to sort out, finally. I keep watching movies and TV shows almost every day. Recently, I watched Euphoria (Season 1), American Gods (Season 1), Killing Eve (Seasons 1 and 2), The Rook (Season 1). With my son, we are into Season 4 of Black List, and still enjoying it a lot.


I’ve read a lot more books recently too, mostly novels and short stories, and a bit of poetry. It’s restful, to say the least. I wish I could read a lot more, but I am often too tired at night. And it’s not like I don’t have the time: if not today, it will be tomorrow as I’ve been telling myself for the past two years. Also I finally took the time to sort through most of my books in my libraries.

Finally, an old friend of mine keep sending nice pics of trees. Thank you so much!


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