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The unquantified self #14

September 8, 2020

August was pretty cool as I spent most of my time with my son. We even had a little trip to Bordeaux. But TBH we remain most of the time at home, playing (him) and reading (me). I also had a long strike editing my dot files (Emacs, Vim, Zsh, Fzf, Rg), which ended up a few days ago with me installing Amethyst and Firefox, hence leaving macOS native apps altogether. I mist say that I’m pretty happy with my new setup: this is mostly TUI, except for Firefox and some occasional interactions with Transmit or CleanMyMac apps. This remind me of my old days with OS X, when I was compiling all my applications as 64 bits exec (no Fink or Homebrew at this time), and even before when I only had Linux available on my laptop. I’m staling my Macbook: This will be Mojave, Doom Emacs (from July 2020 — I’m tired of updating and fixing the little glitches here and there after each upgrade), and some occasional updates on things I mostly care about (LLVM, Lisp, Scheme).

I’m back to work after a month off. It hurts, really, since I spent the last 5 months at home, with almost no interaction with the outside world, but that’s life. No recommendations were given for people with chronic disease this time: the show must go on and I assume we have to support the economy somehow. I doubt the academic world would contribute anything in this regard, but let’s see. Hopefully, it won’t take several months before I get efficient again, as was the case after my therapeutic leave. The next few months will be full of Python web app, phylogenetics and molecular evolution.

I’m currently watching a new TV series, Fargo, after two weeks without any TV. With my son, we are now watching The Leftovers, since we are done with Black List and Battlestar Galactica. I’ve read a lot of books this Summer, surely as a consequence of the quarantine: even if we were again allowed to leave our homes and go for walks or go out to bars, I preferred to stay safe at home. Now, I do the same when I’m not at work, which means from Friday to Sunday since I’m doing remote work on Friday now.

The site is doing fine, with nearly 50 views per day. I don’t really care of the statistics, but it helps knowing if everything is okay. I don’t plan to change the design, but I do hope to be able to publish more regular stuff on the blog, and maybe longer articles. I started drafting some new tutorials and handouts, which are listed on the Archives. I love writing, and I need to write down what I learn otherwise I forget everything except the details. Since I’m no longer teaching, a large part of my writing activities has been rewired to the blog, but that’s not the same kind of writings or typesetting. Now, I’m enjoying $\TeX$ again, as well as Org mode in Emacs.

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