The unquantified self #16

February 2, 2021

Time goes by, at least that’s what I tell myself. And above all, maybe we’ll finally get out of winter, which is definitely less and less successful for me.

It took me 3 weeks to regain satisfactory productivity after the last self-confinement period in November-December. I have rarely written so much code in such a short time, and especially spent more than 7 hours a day continuously or almost continuously between my text editor and the command line. It’s pretty cool because I don’t have to switch between a multitude of programs, and I can stay focused on what I’m doing.

My apartment is starting to look like a squat full of boxes. I’m supposed to be moving next month, and I wanted to anticipate as much as possible any possible fatigue, so I started packing my thousands of pounds in the second week of January, and I’m spacing out the effort as much as possible. This being said, everything should be ready by the end of February.

With my son we watched every episode of Saw and every 5 Alien released since the 80s. For my part I watched 24 for the fourth time, in reverse order this time. I think after that I will take a TV break for several weeks, except for the evenings with my son.

Finally, I swapped my Macbook and my last 15 years with OS X and macOS for a Dell with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The transition was not complicated, especially since I had been using only command line programs for several months. So I stay on the Zsh + Vim + Fzf triumvirate, as well as the basic Unix toolbox. And it works well, believe me.

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