The unquantified self #22

April 17, 2022

Things are growing, outside. Compare those two pictures, taken two months apart:

It’s already April and I feel like I haven’t written that much. Neither on this blog, nor on my digital notebook by the way. Anyway, time passes even if it is not to catch up with it. Regarding side projects, I still have in mind the idea of writing a statistical library for Scheme. It will probably target Racket and/or Chicken Scheme. I started playing again with the latter, which is now Chicken 5. I first learned about Chicken Scheme more than 10 years on Jan de Leeuw’s tech listserv. I played with it a little bit, but that’s all. Now that I reinstalled it, reread the documentation, and discovered that the IRC room is pretty active on, I thought it would be a good idea to investigate more time into the language itself. I don’t really want to investigate too much into Chez Scheme for it lacks tooling and packaging (although there are some external package managers, e.g., akku, but see Travis Hankelman).

I spent a fair amount of time tinkering my Neovim setup lately. Unlike my last adventures with Doom Emacs, though, I’m never restarting from scratching, just refining things here and there. I tried a lot of packages, then uninstalled them right away. Likewise, I try to stay close to the default key mappings so as to learn Vim the right way, or I think so. I don’t know if I made that much progress since I started using Vim, but surely I’m more productive with this text editor than I was with Emacs. I’m on the HEAD version of Neovim, and it never crashed a single time in one year. The only minor annoyances that I encountered occasionally were from minor updates regarding core helper functions or updated color scheme elements. I have other opinions on Neovim versus Emacs, but I’ll keep it for a separate post. All this also goes hand in hand with my switch to the Regolith tiling window manager, which makes everything super easier compared to Gnome desktop

My son and I discovered we missed some episodes of The Walking Dead, Season 10. Things are now settled since we just finished watching them the night before last. We now just have to find our way thru Season 11. I was surprised to hear AC/DC in the middle of one of the episodes, by the way.

♪ Jean-Yves Thibaudet • Adagio, Op. 11

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