The unquantified self #25

September 4, 2022

I’m trying out a new desktop setup, see below.


Little customizations here and there: terminal transparency (10%) and refined dark theme,1 uniformized statusline (no background color, darkgrey foreground where possible) and uniform Neovim statusline (vim.o.laststatus = 3), tactile extension for window placement (after many attempts to find a suitable way of tiling windows altogther on my screen). It feels good, especially when you are anxious while waiting for biomedical test results. Still, I stand by the idea that Gnome WM is already a good fit for how I use to use my desktop, but being able to snap window on a grid is an invaluable add-on, especially since it does not conflict with natural tiling behavior of Gnome WM; moreover, when you use focus-follow-mouse mode, it is quite easy to activate windows on the fly.

I am also back to Irssi and Cmus as my daily drivers for IRC and music. Matrix and Element are nice, but I only need the IRC bridge to be honest. Rhythmbox is also a great aplpication, but sometimes it is easier to just have Cmus running in a terminal, alongside other programs I use in Tmux. What’s funny is that I can switch to a virtual console (Ctrl+Alt+F3) and I can still listen to my current playlist.2

Other than my desktop, I spent a little more time in front of my TV, watching Secret City and Mindhunter (same main actress), Tribes of Europa (only one season, and I don’t think there will be a sequel), and lately Sandman. See my informal movie ratings. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to read much books because of small vision problems, among others. No new musical playlist at the moment, except that I got myself a present few days ago. I’m lsitening to my good old playlists all day, though.

If you follow this blog more or less regularly, you will have noticed an increased rate of posting of the main section. I’m afraid this won’t last forever, since the frequency with which I was writing blog posts is mostly due to the fact that I haven’t slept much for 4 weeks. My body is beginning to reach its limits and I will have to rest from time to time, but with a little hope I will remain faithful to my posting habits. I’m mostly diving with Scheme at the moment, and I have other posts in mind.

♪ Chase Elodia • You

  1. For aesthetics, but also to alleviate suffering after long sessions in front of my computer. ↩︎

  2. I do not often need a virtual console except when I want to be in full retor computing atmosphere, or like recently when I need to check that my colorscheme equally apply to $XDG_SESSION_TYPE = “tty” and TERM=xterm-mono settings. ↩︎

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