The unquantified self #26

October 26, 2022

October is going to an end. I have only partially recovered from the fatigue and other little worries of the last months, which are still under investigation. But, anyway, I am still around. I’ve been playing with my crayons lately. It’s been 25 years that I hadn’t made any drawing, so I was surprised to find myself spending each evening in front of a kraft paper notebook. The sixty or so drawings produced are partly the product of external sources of inspiration (Lee Zimmerman, Enki Bilal, Kandinsky, Matisse) and of more personal reflections. This is just ink, and a bit of charcoal, after all. No eraser whatsoever. Just sketches.

I’ve been watching some new TV series (Alice in Borderland, La disparue de Lørenskog – I’m too lazy to look for the English title, and Deadwind). These were all great short movies for the past evenings. I still haven’t seriously started reading except for technical books. As a consequence, the number of books I will have read by the end of the year will probably be one of the lowest figure in years. But I’m confident I’ll find some gems in the pile of books waiting on my shelves.

Lastly, I’m in the process of configuring a home server based on OpenBSD that will run on my old Macbook pro. It will be fun, eventually. I will also be managing a nice server (32 HT cores, 512 Go RAM, 832 iGPU cores) at work. Time to brush up my sysadmin skills, which are now close to zero to be honest. In the meantime, I’m an happy Linux user and I have no regret for my past macOS applications. I read some reviews of the latest OS (Ventura) and I realized that the UX keeps getting worser after each new release (see also My next Mac might be the last).

♪ Jack Johnson • Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

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