The unquantified self #28

April 17, 2023

I’m still tired all day long (it looks like it spans the half-life of my beta blocker, but I’m not really sure that it’s all about that). Anyway, at least I’m on vacation for two good weeks. And that which cannot be seen does not exist.

I know I often change my mind and move from one project to another at the speed of light. I also do what I do when I feel like it. Natural disposition we’ll say. So, after spending two months drawing with ink or charcoal during the last quarter of 2022, after going back to computational statistics and applied biostatistics on this blog or on Github, here is where I spent some of my evenings laying down blocks… in Minecraft during one month or so.

Things are going well, and the village should be ready in a couple of weeks. It has been extraordinarily relaxing to get back to building on MC, after a hiatus of several years. Now, I’m not done with statistical computing. I still have to finish my ongoing project and get back to writing an efficient statistical library for Racket.

I watched two good movies recently: God’s Crooked Lines and Anon. It was some good time after a few series without much quality. Also, I listened at least twice to all of my music collection, which is about 14k MP3 files, and the vinyl player works hard when I’m at home (actually listening to Nick Cave’s B sides & Rarities a lot)!

♪ Adam Wakeman • Draa Valley

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