The unquantified self #31

December 18, 2023

Public holidays are coming, four days left. I’m listening to my music with Cmus, and I’m still happy with my full blown TUI environment. That being said, I installed G4Music from Flathub since I was too lazy to recompile it myself, like I did before. I came to eventually appreciate having graphical app running as containers on Ubuntu. Something like Fedora Silverblue, but without Fedora, and not even blue. Next time I install a Linux distro like Ubuntu, I will try to use only Flatpack apps for everything graphical, and compile from scratch the latest version of TUI apps I use the most (neovim, tmux, cmus, irssi, newsboat), for some of them were already seriously outdated at the time I installed them from Ubuntu official depositories. For instance, my neomutt is v20211029.

I made some drawings lately. Ink or charcoal, depending on my mood. I often shoot them using my iPhone, to keep a digital copy and because I often like them better this way. Yesterday, I arranged some of them in a booklet, which will make for a quick and dirty gift for a friend of mine, although I know she will like it.

I’m past my schedule for posting on this blog, partly because I was quite busy at work, and also busy at home cooking or playing Minecraft. We’ve made a lot of progress: most of the buildings are now fitted out, terraforming has gained momentum in the past weeks and we’re still fine-tuning the details in many places of the map. I don’t plan to build other big stuff, except the castle/monastery and 2 or 3 supplementary farmhouses. I will probably make a screencast to showcase everything I built during the last 5 months.


Finally, I’m quite happy with how reading went for the second half of the year since I read about 60 books (out of 85). This does not include technical books. It keeps me in line with previous years, and above all it allows me to disconnect a little. The same applies to drawing and writing, of course.

I was finally able to repair my vinyl turntable after buying a stylus. It took me a while and I had to wait with internet radio (ABC Lounge is quite good actually), my MP3s and bandcamp in the meantime.

♪ Alan Pasqua • A Sleeping Child

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