Minor update on SAS2R

June 13, 2018

I am slowly updating my latest textbook on using R in clinical trials. This is painful work but it has to be done.

When I came back to this little R companion to Dmitrienko et al’s textbook on the Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS , I first checked what I did in the last commit. But, oh my! It was almost two years ago, and it is plain Sweave. Now, I am back to finish the work, hopefully. I remain admiring the productivity of some people, like Thomas Mailund who, despite life events, keep up the good work with publishing R books.

Little update: I started working on this draft again. I still enjoy fitting linear models in R, apparently!

Still, it remains painful to read SAS code when we have such elegant alternative solutions like R or Stata, notwithstanding the fact that I am no longer that interested in medical statistics. I am not super productive these days. I never was, but I know I will never be now. Anyway, here we are: I am slowly working on it again. The project is still on GitHub.

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