Here is a brief overview of the web sharing/syncing solutions I am actually using. Although I hold a Mac account with an iDisk allowing to store remotely my synced files, I found it somewhat slow (especially during upload). Moreover, it does not offer support for cloud computing with live documents, like e.g. But this one is very expensive if you want to get decent capabilities (check for yourself on their website).

Now, what’s about other options?

  • Dropbox is a must-have application, especially if you need to share some files with specific collaborators and keep trace of any changes related to those files;
  • CloudApp allows to share images, links, music, etc.: it’s like a remote iTunes/iPhoto and as such includes so-called Raindrops which are small sync service with common multimedia applications on the Mac;
  • Syncplicity is an alternative to and can be linked to your Google docs;
  • Evernote is a versatile note editor, allowing to sync images or text (and even audio recording) between your iPhone, your on-line web interface and your Mac.

Most of them are available on iPhone too.

I discovered Dropbox at the beginning of 2009, and used it a lot since then. The latest beta version (available on the experimental forum build) offers several improvements, including selective syncing and getting a shareable link for any of your folder (and not only the Public folder). I am waiting for the release of Elements which promises another great enhancement to Dropbox.

I also discovered Dropzone which is an application/script launcher sitting in the Dock. It offers useful shortcuts like URL shortening through, upload to your Fickr account, sharing snippets (gist) on Github, etc.