Wolfram Language Server

May 24, 2022

Today I learned that Mathematica 13.0 ships with a builtin language server. There are actually two VS Code plugins that provide client-side code for Wolfram LSP: lsp-wl and the official wolfram extension.

I first tried to configure lsp-wl with Neovim builtin lspconfig, using a custom server config. Neither of wolframscript or netcat proved to work in this case. However, I got something close to what we have in VS Code with the official extension using the following setup:

local nvim_lsp = require("lspconfig")
local configs = require("lspconfig.configs")

configs.lsp_wl = {
  default_config = {
    cmd = {
    filetypes = { "mma", "wl" },
    root_dir = nvim_lsp.util.path.dirname,

nvim_lsp.lsp_wl.setup({ on_attach = lsp_attach({}) })

The lsp_attach function does take care of formatting on save, completion and common key mappings across LSPs.

I mostly use the mma filetype because I rely on mash for batch processing Mathematica code in Org document, as described in a minimal Org setup to write scientific notebooks.1

I still have to manage how to get omnifunc completion working, but for the moment I have hover information, diagnostics and formatting.

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  1. This also seems to work with iron.nvim, at least as well as with wolframscript when I last tried. ↩︎

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