Zathura viewer

August 17, 2022

Last year I briefly mentioned Zathura as my default PDF viewer. Since my last upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, I reverted back to Gnome default settings for most things. I still have Zathura defined as my PDF viewer for BibTeX entries1 and TeX documents, and I customized it a lot since then. I just reenabled it as my default PDF/PS viewer for a couple of reasons:

Here are my personal settings in $HOME/.config/zathura/zathurarc:

set default-bg                  "#2E3440"
set default-fg                  "#D8DEE9"
set statusbar-fg                "#D8DEE9"
set statusbar-bg                "#2E3440"
set index-bg                    "#2E3440"
set index-fg                    "#D8DEE9"
set index-active-bg             "#81A1C1"
set index-active-fg             "#D8DEE9"
set inputbar-bg                 "#2E3440"
set inputbar-fg                 "#D8DEE9"
set notification-warning-bg     "#EBCB8B"
set notification-warning-fg     "#2E3440"
set highlight-color             "#81A1C1"
set highlight-active-color      "#81A1C1"
set completion-highlight-fg     "#BF616A"
set completion-highlight-bg     "#2E3440"
set completion-bg               "#2E3440"
set completion-fg               "#D8DEE9"
set notification-bg             "#D8DEE9"
set notification-fg             "#2E3440"

set recolor-darkcolor 		"#D8DEE9"
set recolor-lightcolor          "#2E3440"
set recolor                     "true"

set incremental-search          "true"
set adjust-open                 "best-fit"

set window-title-home-tilde     "true"
set selection-clipboard         "clipboard"

set statusbar-basename          "true"
set statusbar-home-tilde        "true"
set statusbar-h-padding         "5"
set statusbar-v-padding         "5"

set window-height               3000
set window-width                3000

set save_position               "true"
set synctex-editor-command      "nvim"

set font                        "Ubuntu Mono 13"

map <C-b> feedkeys ":bmark "
map D set "first-page-column 1:1"
map <C-d> set "first-page-column 1:2"

The color scheme follows the Nord dark theme, and it is on by default. If I want a light background as in Evince, I can C-r to disable recoloring. The window height and width are defined such that Zathura looks maximized on my screen. I think the remaining options speak for themselves.


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  1. I wrote a helper function in Vimscript that can xdg-open the PDF or Postscript or DJVU file associated to a BIbTeX entry, which I can trigger using gf shortcut.

    function! text#open_bibtex_key() abort
      let s:uri = split(split(expand('<cWORD>'), '{')[1], ',')[0]
      if s:uri !=# ''
        silent exec "!xdg-open ~/Documents/papers/'".s:uri."'.* &"
        echo 'No match found.'

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