Regression Methods in Biostatistics

This page contains R scripts for doing the analysis presented in the book entitled Regression Methods in Biostatistics (Eric Vittinghoff, David V. Glidden, Stephen C. Shiboski, and Charles E. McCulloch, Springer 2005). A short summary of the book is provided elsewhere, on a short post (Feb. 2008).

Analysis were carried out using Stata and the corresponding scripts are available on the companion website. However, some of the data are not provided. I have asked for the entire data sets used throughout the book, but I don't get any response from the authors.

Individual files are available in the table below. Chapter scripts include: the R script itself and its htmlized version, the output as a log file, a pdf of the generated figures. Exercises scripts include the R scripts and their htmlized version. Exercises solutions are compiled on a separate html page, produced with asciidoc. Exercises solutions in html format are about 15-20 printed pages.
I also compiled a quick and dirty handbook for all exercises solutions: RMB Solutions Handbook. This textbook was generated by compiling all asciidoc pages into a single Docbook document, then converting it to pdf using a custom shell script.-->

As an alternative, you can download the whole chapters and solutions scripts, as well as the data sets:

Analyses have been done with R version 2.6.2 (2008-02-08) and 2.7.1 (2008-06-23) running on Mac OS X.

Chapter Chapter scripts Exercises scripts Exercises solutions
3. Basic Statistical Methods RMB_c3.R (html, log, pdf) RMB_c3_sols.R (html) RMB_c3_sols.html
4. Linear regression RMB_c4.R (html, log, pdf) RMB_c4_sols.R (html) RMB_c4_sols.html
5. Predictor selection RMB_c5.R (html, log, pdf) RMB_c5_sols.R (html) RMB_c5_sols.html
6. Logistic regression RMB_c6.R (html, log, pdf) RMB_c6_sols.R (html) RMB_c6_sols.html
7. Survival analysis RMB_c7.R (html, log, pdf) RMB_c7_sols.R (html) RMB_c7_sols.html
10. Complex surveys RMB_c10.R (html, log, pdf) RMB_c10_sols.R (html) RMB_c10_sols.html

Most useful references are provided below.

Hereafter are some additional electronic (PDF) references, mostly related to R but also to Linear and Generalized Linear Models.

  1. T. Hothorm, Simultaneous inference procedures for general linear hypotheses, 2008. [R vignette]
  2. T. Hothorm, F. Bretz and P. Westfall, Simultaneous inference in general parametric models, 2008.
  3. M. Kuhn, S. Weston and J. Wing, The contrast package, 2008. [R vignette]
  4. C.L. Alzola and F.E. Harrell, An Introduction to S and the Hmisc and Design Libraries, 2006.
  5. J. Fox and R. Andersen, Effect displays for multinomial and proportional-odds logit models, 2004.
  6. J. Fox, Effect Displays in R for Generalised Linear Models, 2003.
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