Refiled links

Here are a bunch of URLs I automagically grabbed using when I was using an org-capture template in Emacs while browsing the internet a while ago. I just stored them in a dedicated buffer, which is known as refiling, hence the title of this page. Some links may still be interesting, some others will probably be dead at some point.


Visualizing and Annotating Phylogenetic Trees with R+ggtree

Phylogenetic trees in R using ggtree

Statistical Methods for Machine Learning

[2020-12-10 jeu. 12:31]

A Programmer’s Intuition for Matrix Multiplication

Open-source creative-coding framework for Rust

[2020-12-10 jeu. 12:28]

Plotting methods for phylogenies & comparative data in R

A modern mutt setup

Build A Unified Shiny Portal With Login Page


[2020-12-08 mar. 16:04]

Simple image vectorization


Marc Brooker's blog

[2020-12-08 mar. 15:59]

Examples of mixed-effects models in R

The distribution of hash function outputs

Markov Chain Monte carlo sampling

The Hazards of Period Specific and Weighted Hazard Ratios

Simpson's paradox in psychological science: a practical guide

Linked lists, pointer tricks and good taste

A Logarithm Too Clever by Half

Confidence intervals around proportions

Topology and labelled graphs

Multi-State Markov and Hidden Markov Models in Continuous Time

Using R and lme/lmer to fit different two- and three-level longitudinal models

Probability-based pattern recognition and statistical framework for randomization

On the Probability of Pattern Matching in Nonaligned DNA Sequences

Probability of finding a common sub-sequence of at least 'k' nucleotides

[2020-11-26 jeu. 08:42]

Statistics handout for Agresti CDA

Non-metric multidimensional scaling

Sane Visual Studio Code

[2020-11-20 ven. 18:45]

CS 181: Machine Learning (2020)

Git is simply too hard

psql command line tutorial and cheat sheet

[2020-11-17 mar. 08:44]

Linux command-line one-liners

Predictive modeling

[2020-11-10 mar. 18:46]

Type system for R

The finger memory of incremental search, or switching to swiper

How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim

Fast Inverse Square Root

Confidence intervals for GLMs

How to move a folder from one repo to another and keep its commit history

Morphisms of Computational Constructs

Randomized complete block ANOVA

Must We Randomize Our Experiment?

APS 240: Data Analysis and Statistics with R

Using statakernel and Emacs Orgmode for reproducible research goodness

Comparison of three methods for estimating rates of adverse events and rates of preventable adverse events in acute care hospitals

Grawity dotfiles

[2020-10-15 jeu. 13:58]

PEP 638 – Syntactic Macros

Improving your python: using pylint and flake8 in emacs

Collection of books of all kinds from all categories

[2020-10-15 jeu. 13:54]

Understanding Gradient Boosting Tree for Binary Classification

Comparison of Strategies for Validating Binary Logistic Regression Models

[2020-10-15 jeu. 13:46]

LDM: My Favorite ARM Instruction

Play Emacs like an instrument

Non-Breaking Hyphen

Django template (survey)

Simulating Machines in Clojure

[2020-10-11 dim. 14:40]

Non-symbols as keyword arguments

Swift Algorithms

How to find out if a matrix is singular?

Complete collection of my PGF/TikZ figures

[2020-10-08 jeu. 14:08]

Learn Haskell by Mark Karpov

Emacs configuration file

[2020-10-08 jeu. 12:43]

A simple mode-line configuration for Emacs

Dynamic Languages are Static Languages

Darling is a translation layer that lets you run macOS software on Linux

[2020-10-05 lun. 15:17]

asdf, Manage multiple runtime versions

[2020-10-05 lun. 12:29]

Python Generator Expressions

MIT Probabilistic Computing Project

[2020-10-05 lun. 11:05]

HTTP post files

[2020-10-04 dim. 09:20]

Rust Starter Kit 2020

igel, A machine learning tool

[2020-10-03 sam. 19:54]

Report meeting (ox exporter)

Irssi tricks: navigating around

Vanderbilt Biostatistics Datasets

[2020-10-03 sam. 09:33]

The Statistics Software Signal

ibuffer changed my life

Setup Emacs as an SQL Database client

Building apps with {shinipsum} and {golem}

Create an amazing Rust GitHub project in no time

Running numbers

PCA with Malahanobis distance

Vim: you don't need NERDtree or (maybe) netrw

[2020-09-29 mar. 14:11]

Beating Up on Qsort

Pseudo random number generators

[2020-09-24 jeu. 13:53]

Some of git internals

[2020-09-24 jeu. 10:08]

Computing multiple hash values in parallel with AVX2

Why PS4 downloads are so slow

libstephen is a C library that provides a number of basic tools for C programming

[2020-09-23 mer. 15:01]

plotnine is an implementation of a grammar of graphics in Python

What are the most beautiful LISP macros that you know?

Fisher-Yates shuffle in Scheme


Compiler explorer

[2020-09-22 mar. 12:03]

Hyperfine: A command-line benchmarking tool

[2020-09-22 mar. 10:11]

TL;DR Rust

Binder global minor mode to mimic Scrivener sidebar

[2020-09-22 mar. 09:46]

Self-Hosting Part 5: Finale

Latex book template

Clustering sequences into OTUs using q2-vsearch

Code from screencasts of #tidytuesday

How I Start: Rust

Random number generation in (Emacs) LISP

Python’s Innards: Introduction

Functional Vectors for Scheme

[2020-09-21 lun. 12:10]

The Book of Why, by Pearl and Mackenzie

Functional Programming in OCaml

Org ad hoc code, quick hacks and workarounds

Julia from an R user perspective

Configuring Emacs a C/C++ IDE

Sattolo's algorithm

[2020-09-16 mer. 14:00]

Write You A Scheme, Version 2

A report on stack script: the how and why…

Searching for RH Counterexamples — Adding a Database

Security Engineering

Immutable boxed arrays

[2020-09-15 mar. 13:14]

Vim Cheat Sheet

[2020-09-15 mar. 11:48]

Org-mode Workflow: A Preview

Blogging With R and ggplot2 in Org

TeX plain macros (various)

Algorithmique et bioinformatique

macOS Version Big Sur Update

Git Magic


[2020-09-14 lun. 09:58]

Writing at the Command Line

Vim as an IDE

[2020-09-14 lun. 09:47]

Doneburn: A light theme for Emacs based on Zenburn

Emacs Lisp Development Tips with John Wiegley

STT5100 Modèles Linéaires Appliqués (Automne 2020)

Share a tmux session

Async Views in Django 3.1

Notes on making scatterplots in matplotlib and seaborn

grstyle: Customizing Stata graphs made easy

Modern R

[2020-09-10 jeu. 13:49]

shell/AWK/Perl-like scripting in OCaml

Ergonomic Haskell 1 - Records

Crit-bit trees

[2020-09-10 jeu. 10:45]

Lets-Plot is a ggplot2-like backend for Jupyter notebook

[2020-09-09 mer. 15:09]

Parsing JSON is a Minefield

[2020-09-08 mar. 16:52]

Setting up your Haskell development environment


DNA Sequence simulator

[2020-09-08 mar. 11:44]

BOOSTER is a new way of computing bootstrap supports in large phylogenies

[2020-09-08 mar. 11:37]


Happy Haskell Programming

[2020-09-08 mar. 11:23]

Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox

Numeric Haskell: A Vector Tutorial

8086 microcode disassembled

The evolution of psychiatry

Scheme immutable data structures

Faking Useful Refinement Types in Racket

[2020-09-06 dim. 22:01]

Using Multiple Dictionaries for Spellchecking in Emacs

[2020-09-06 dim. 09:25]

Another Thesaurus for Emacs

[2020-09-06 dim. 09:21]

Do a pile of work better

Programming with Categories

Lisp is Not an Acceptable Lisp

The algebra (and calculus!) of algebraic data types

An analysis and visualization platform for 'omics data

[2020-09-01 mar. 16:14]

Search in git

A Common Lisp PostgreSQL programming interface

[2020-09-01 mar. 12:46]

C++ Core Guidelines

As above, so below: Bare metal Rust generics

Optionality in the type systems of Julia and Rust

sled theoretical performance guide

[2020-08-31 lun. 16:36]

Fast reference to common SRFI

Darkart: Chez Scheme's Forign Library Interface

[2020-08-31 lun. 15:46]

Akku: Integration with Emacs and Geiser

Clojure library that wraps Apache Spark

[2020-08-31 lun. 09:23]

Descriptive Stats with C++ and Boost

StatsLib is a templated C++ library of statistical distribution functions

[2020-08-30 dim. 21:37]

C++ libraries for statistical computing

[2020-08-30 dim. 21:29]

ULPs Plots Reveal Math Function Accuracy

Archives 2020

palmerpenguins for data exploration and visualization

Deobfuscating code for fun and no profit round 2

UNIX Seventh Edition (PDP-11)

[2020-08-30 dim. 12:09]

Guide to Rustc Development

[2020-08-30 dim. 11:59]

Vi, movement commands, efficiency, and me

Filename extension for Scheme

[2020-08-29 sam. 19:50]

Intel Intrinsics Guide

When optimizations cross the border of sanity

What is the minimum supported SSE flag that can be enabled on macOS?

[2020-08-29 sam. 14:02]

How does mtune actually work?

[2020-08-29 sam. 13:58]

Software optimization resources

[2020-08-29 sam. 13:58]

How to generate Python manula in Info format

[2020-08-29 sam. 13:41]

Download MacOS Mojave .APP, DMG, ISO, Bootable USB image

Morris's Algorithm for Approximate Counting


GitHub Markdown CSS demo


Principal Component Analysis

Cursive is a TUI (Text User Interface) library for rust

[2020-08-24 lun. 20:58]

Typesetting a Textbook

[2020-08-24 lun. 12:57]

Useful Latex macros

Chance of short SHA1 hash collision at 7 character hash string

A book to use more the keyboard, less the mouse

[2020-08-24 lun. 09:57]

DSM-5 ASD diagnostic

Python, Scheme, C

Downloading YouTube Video using VLC


[2020-08-22 sam. 17:52]

Setting Up an IRC Bouncer

Vagrant Up and Running in 5 Minutes

Exercices en Scheme

Literal Examples

Never leave IRC again with ZNC

Tips on Emacs Lisp programming

Which is faster in Python: x**.5 or math.sqrt(x)?

genomic data processing and analysis

Game Programming Patterns

Algorithmes et structures de données


Permutations using recursion

[2020-08-21 ven. 19:35]

Chez Scheme as the Racket VM #HN

Emacs In a Box

Emacs mini manual series

[2020-08-18 mar. 09:22]

Chez SRFI (bis)

Chez SRFIs

[2020-08-18 mar. 09:15]

Getting started with Akku package manager for Scheme

Index of /~campbell

[2020-08-16 dim. 22:08]

Beautifying Org Mode in Emacs

Beautify Org mode

A screencast series about Doom

[2020-08-16 dim. 12:15]

Process Improvement Using Data

[2020-08-16 dim. 12:13]

matplotlib-backend-kitty A graphical pdf (and epub and cbz) viewer

[2020-08-16 dim. 08:13]

kitty.conf including nord color theme

Table Styling with ATTRHTML and ATTRCSS

How to insert screenshots in Org documents on macOS

Emacs configuration with Org Mode


Parallel Seam Carving

Finger Trees

Office Drama on macOS

Modern C for C++ Peeps

Lazy Elfeed

[2020-08-13 jeu. 18:05]

GenomicRanges and genomic Rle-objects for Python

An optics (lenses, prisms, traversals, etc.) library for Racket

[2020-08-13 jeu. 11:14]

Single Page Applications using Rust

Make the less Command More Powerful

Building a BASIC Interpreter, '80s Style, Part 2

Let's Build a Compiler, by Jack Crenshaw

[2020-08-13 jeu. 11:09]

The Law Of Least Surprise Lattice For Emacs

[2020-08-13 jeu. 08:36]

Good Morning, Your Mac Keeps A Log Of All Your Downloads

Les fiches à bébert

Mathias’s sensible hacker defaults for macOS (dotfiles)

Mac keyboard shortcuts

A handy list of essential key bindings to commands in Emacs

From Vim to Emacs+Evil chaotic migration guide

squashing commits with rebase

Methods of Signing with GPG

A simple and extensible shell script for managing your todo.txt file

[2020-08-04 mar. 16:08]

Magit tutorial - Rebase

SIMD interface for SBCL

[2020-08-04 mar. 15:11]

high performance code for parallel computers

[2020-08-04 mar. 15:10]

Adam Clipala's homepage

[2020-08-04 mar. 10:28]

Conal Elliott's homepage

[2020-08-04 mar. 10:27]

Moving around

Nice bayesian simulations in R

[2020-08-04 mar. 10:10]

Tandem: A virtual office for remote teams

[2020-08-04 mar. 09:44]

Apple Style Guide

netromdk's Emacs config

[2020-08-04 mar. 09:33]

Emacs and the Language Server Protocol

WebAssembly 1.0

[2020-08-04 mar. 08:57]


PostgreSQL beginner guide

Godot engine

[2020-08-04 mar. 08:56]

Clojurescript re-frame

[2020-08-04 mar. 08:55]

Quit and Hide macOS Apps from the Command+Tab Interface

Animated floating graph nodes

Web-first game engine

[2020-08-03 lun. 21:14]

Designing a physics engine

Install FreeBSD 11 on MacBook

How to install NetBSD/amd64 current on MacBook

Create FreeBSD installation memstick on OS-X

Dual Booting OS X and FreeBSD 9

Streamlink – Ouvrir un stream Twitch ou Youtube dans VLC

ix: command line pastebin

[2020-08-03 lun. 19:57]

A philosophical difference between Haskell and Lisp

One line - Dark Mode using CSS

Memory Ballooning in VirtualBox

How to Install and Dual-Boot Linux and macOS

Sélection d’un autre disque de démarrage

Cryptanalytic Attacks on Pseudorandom Number Generators

Recommendation for Random Number Generation Using Deterministic Random Bit Generators

Writing a file system from scratch in Rust

Various solutions for HackerRank (bis)

Various solutions for HackerRank

[2020-07-28 mar. 21:15]

Book list

[2020-07-28 mar. 21:14]

Doom Emacs Configuration

Historical programming-language groups disappearing from Google

[2020-07-28 mar. 20:55]

Type hints cheat sheet

Most positive bignum

Is it possible to ditch OS X and install BSD on my 3rd Gen Macbook Pro

FreeBSD on a MacBook Pro

A working guide to boosted regression trees

Probability calibration in scikit-learn

The @property Decorator in Python


[2020-07-23 jeu. 21:05]

Primer design system

[2020-07-23 jeu. 08:55]

The Data Visualisation Catalogue

[2020-07-22 mer. 21:46]

Luca Cambiaghi's private Doom config

Tufte Org Mode

[2020-07-22 mer. 21:07]

Scour is an SVG optimizer/cleaner

[2020-07-22 mer. 19:36]

Simon Jackman’s Bayesian Model Examples in Stan

finalfit: Quickly Create Elegant Regression Results Tables and Plots when Modelling

Developing R Packages with usethis and GitLab CI

A practical guide to Spacemacs

Howard Abrams' dotfiles

Self-balancing Trees

IHP is a modern batteries-included Web Framework

[2020-07-20 lun. 12:37]

A Note on Interpreting Multinomial Logit Coefficients

Path To Beginnery in Functional Programming with Haskell

PureScript by Example

[2020-07-15 mer. 18:38]

Interesting dotfiles by Claudio Jolowicz

[2020-07-15 mer. 10:56]

pipx: Install and Run Python Applications in Isolated Environments

[2020-07-15 mer. 10:50]

Karabiner God Mode

From Vim to Emacs+Evil chaotic migration guide

Evil guide

[2020-07-14 mar. 07:57]

Testing Firefox more efficiently with machine learning

Creating Randomness Without Math.random

Rust is Surprisingly Good as a Server Language

Alexis King - “Effects for Less”

Polysemy: Mea Culpa

[2020-07-12 dim. 20:38]

Haskell by Example

Tricking Haskell into being dynamic

A Quick Tour of Haskell Syntax

Rust implementation of Tim Bray's topfew tool

[2020-07-12 dim. 20:19]

Purescript: Haskell + Javascript

[2020-07-10 ven. 17:28]

Scripting in Haskell and PureScript

Introductions to Haskell

[2020-07-10 ven. 17:21]

Strings and Tries; Haskell Versus OCaml

Curvature and Radius of Curvature

Common Lisp Tutorial by Neil Munro

Comparative Genomics with R

[2020-07-10 ven. 10:55]

web forms handling library for Common Lisp

[2020-07-10 ven. 10:55]

Computational workflows for metagenomics tasks

Emacs Color Themes by Jason Blevins

Curve curvature in numpy

Google convention for Python docstring

Automatic support for ligatures like in emacs-mac #222

Invitation to Intermediate Julia

NetBSD Internals

Getting Started in Data Analysis using Stata and R

[2020-07-06 lun. 12:54]

Nice website using a Gemini backend

[2020-07-06 lun. 12:53]

A Gentle Introduction to Non-determinism in Scheme

[2020-07-06 lun. 12:36]

Scripting in Common Lisp

[2020-07-06 lun. 12:33]

Compiler Explorer

In built LSP is amazing

Markdown Writing Tricks

A powerful, minimalist development environment

[2020-07-03 ven. 14:50]

A guide to modern Web Development with (Neo)vim

Vim Anti-Patterns

In Praise of the FZF Plugin for Vim

vim swoop

vim tips and tricks

A Road to Common Lisp

ghcid for the win!

How To Create An IndieWeb Profile

The world's most private search engine

[2020-07-03 ven. 12:45]

Nice wallpaper

[2020-07-03 ven. 12:45]

How To Install and Configure Syncthing to Synchronize Directories on Ubuntu

How To Synchronize Directories using Syncthing on Ubuntu

The Vi Lovers Home Page

[2020-07-02 jeu. 21:01]

Bookmarking with org-mode

Introduction to MicroK8s

[2020-07-01 mer. 20:46]

Training Course on Galaxy for Bioinformatics tool developers

Manhattan plot for genomic analysis

[2020-07-01 mer. 14:00]

Mastering JQ: Part 1

Is it possible to use an Apple Time Capsule just as a network attached backup drive and not a router?



[2020-07-01 mer. 07:09]

A curated directory of 450+ Mac menu bar apps

[2020-06-30 mar. 16:49]

A GitBook Example for Teaching

bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown

[2020-06-28 dim. 18:44]

Gitbook Plugin Index of Figures

Cache Oblivious Algorithms

Apache Spark Tutorial: ML with PySpark

Twitch Chat Downloader

An eclectic collection of convenience functions for you

Fractal tree in p5.js

A nice urn problem

Training material for all kinds of transcriptomics analysis

Publish GitBook to Your GitHub Pages

Algorithms for sampling without replacement

Homoiconicity, Lisp, and Program Synthesis

Typed functional programming in TypeScript

[2020-06-28 dim. 08:36]

Biolisp: Lisp meets biology

[2020-06-28 dim. 08:31]

Source Code Linking: Merging C Headers into Rust Modules

Terminals Are Sexy

[2020-06-28 dim. 08:30]

Datalib is a JavaScript data utility library

[2020-06-28 dim. 08:11]

How do i use matomo analytics without consent or cookie banner?

Denis Roegel

Statistics for laboratory scientists II

Deepmind's AlphaZero algorithm

R from NodeJS, the right way

[2020-06-27 sam. 18:52]

OpenGL Mathematics

[2020-06-27 sam. 18:45]

Vim Cheat Sheet

[2020-06-27 sam. 18:45]

Emacs colors

Beautifying Org Mode in Emacs

Yet Another Dotfile Repo

[2020-06-27 sam. 18:44]

Org-mode Tutorial / Cheat Sheet

Minimal theme for Hugo

[2020-06-27 sam. 10:37]

How are Unix pipes implemented?

[2020-06-26 ven. 20:37]

Calva: Clojure & ClojureScript with Visual Studio Code

Working with Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code

Reordering and facetting for ggplot2

Data Structure Optimization for Functional Programs

[2020-06-26 ven. 16:49]

Customizing a Theme for Emacs

Awesome Boxes

asdf-vm: Manage multiple runtime versions with a single CLI tool

IPFS: A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol

How to split Git repositories into two

Creating and Hosting a Personal Site on GitHub

Typora and Pandoc : support captions for figures #379

Renjin and R

General-purpose connection pooling library

Tidymodels: tidy machine learning in R

deta: Functional Database Mapping

[2020-06-17 mer. 21:09]

Spatial aggregation

Maximum Inscribed Circle and Largest Empty Circle in JTS

Projection predictive variable selection

[2020-06-17 mer. 21:08]

My Rust 2020 ideas

Fancy Little Lisp λs

RE: st: graph export png on linux console

Iterate over all pairs of consecutive items in a list

sdl2-examples:basic-test kills slime-repl on macOS #89

Customizing pandoc to generate beautiful pdfs from markdown

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) User Guide

StatsFunctionsNotes by JM White

Radford Neale's Statistical Computation

Basic Clojure affordances for Common Lisp

[2020-06-17 mer. 21:01]

A Lexical Analyzer Generator

Enhance vector multiplication support #103

Programming Language Study–Lisp

Radical utilities

A modern and consistent Common Lisp string manipulation library

[2020-06-17 mer. 20:53]

Data visualizations in Clojure and ClojureScript using Vega and Vega-lite

[2020-06-17 mer. 20:48]

The End by Evan Martin

Eric C. Peterson's homepage

[2020-06-17 mer. 20:36]

Nicholas Carlini's homepage

[2020-06-17 mer. 20:36]

Colin McLear Emacs config

ox-leanpub: A Leanpub book exporter for Org-mode

[2020-06-17 mer. 20:31]


[2020-06-17 mer. 20:22]

Managing figure size in Pandoc

Emacs: prettier tab-line

[2020-06-16 mar. 20:41] Tech Notes

Blog of the author of Conjure

[2020-06-16 mar. 20:37]

Pipenv: Python Development Workflow for Humans

[2020-06-16 mar. 20:36]

Rewriting the heart of our sync engine

Clustering Pollock

:claw honing

Bash scripting cheatsheet

[2020-06-16 mar. 20:25]

Using dates and times in Emacs org-mode

Richard Stanley's Twelvefold Way

ggdist: Visualizations of distributions and uncertainty

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:48]

Bayesian Methods for Hackers in Python

Community Driven Samples for TypeScript

Controlling the terminal

IPython magic for parallel profiling

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:47]

Extended documentation and model examples for rethinking R package

Distance/Similarity between two matrices

Getting Robinson-Foulds distances for a set of trees

Introduction to phylogenies in R

textlint integration with Flycheck

Practical Python Programming

basic tmux settings everyone can agree on

tmux Integration Best Practices

Keep Remote SSH Sessions and Processes running

Join any server IP on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS4

Python example of building GLM, GBM and RF Binomial Model with H2O

Practical Techniques for Interpreting Machine Learning Models

Phyllotaxis: Draw Flowers Using Mathematics

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:42]

lsp python High memory usage #832

Common Lisp Array Performance Benchmark

Seth Brown oddments 2019

Mastodon plugin for Bitlbee

256 (Xterm) colors

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:38]

Port of Practical Common Lisp samples to Clojure

NIST Standard Reference Database

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:37]

Assessing the Numerical Accuracy of SAS Software

numerical accuracy problems with Excel

Notebook experience in your Clojure namespace

core.matrix : Multi-dimensional array programming API for Clojure

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:36]

The Mann-Whitney U Test

Probability that a DNA motif will occur in a random string

Maze Algorithms

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:35]

Emacs prettify-symbols-mode in Comments

Making the most of Cabal

discret 11, the french tv encryption of the 80's

Compelling reasons to use emacs 27 or 28 right now?

Clojure Refactor from Ivy


[2020-06-16 mar. 11:29]

Emacs Lisp Guide

Setting Up a ZNC IRC Bouncer to Use Tor

Lisp Games Wiki

Template Haskell and Stream-processing programs

A Clojure babushka for the grey areas of Bash

[2020-06-16 mar. 11:27]

Making IRC work like modern messengers using WeeChat, Pushbullet and more

Cours de maths/ocaml de Michel Quercia

[2020-06-15 lun. 17:37]

Data Wrangling with R

Pomodoro workflow

Split comma-separated strings in a column into separate rows chat plugin for the Textual IRC client

[2020-06-10 mer. 07:24]

IRC main commands

Setting up Weechat

Monter une passerelle de communication IRC

WeeChat configuration

dot files, configuration, environment settings, etc.

[2020-06-04 jeu. 17:48]

Racket libraries for scientific computing

[2020-06-04 jeu. 16:44]

Matplotlib styles for scientific plotting

textlint rule to check if all links are alive

Lazy elfeed

[2020-05-28 jeu. 17:27]

solutions to SICP exercises (in scheme)

[2020-05-28 jeu. 17:26]

holiday hacking swankr

Dynamic title for Treemacs workspace

dotfiles for various programs

Turing.jl : Bayesian inference with probabilistic programming

[2020-05-26 mar. 18:16]

Another Emacs config

[2020-05-26 mar. 18:14]

Using Mathematica with Orgmode

Monochrome emacs

Flatland for Emacs

[2020-05-26 mar. 18:11]

Kattis problems

[2020-05-26 mar. 18:09]

Doom's tips and howtos

A life configuring Emacs

[2020-05-26 mar. 18:08]

Build a Jekyll blog in minutes

Yet another emacs config

[2020-05-26 mar. 18:08]

Example of doom config

Tutorials on Topics in Julia Programming

Reading IMAP email in Emacs

Jorgen Schaefers Emacs Config

NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

[2020-05-26 mar. 17:57]

Interactively view and subset phylogenetic trees

Subsetting Phylogenetic Trees

The most useful git commands

Happy Git and GitHub for the useR

[2020-05-25 lun. 18:20]

Common statistical tests are linear models

Zippers And Clj

Organizing Notes With Refile

Using Org Mode in Hugo

Doom Emacs Workflows

Racket + Swift app

[2020-05-20 mer. 09:36]

Vim codi: interactive scratchpad for hackers

[2020-05-20 mer. 09:34]

Benchmark of popular graph/network packages

Create executables with SBCL or CCL

[2020-05-18 lun. 11:39]

HD Wallets

Starter repo for building interactive R courses

ggplot2 extensions

[2020-05-18 lun. 11:35]

Using dask and napari to process & view large datasets

Why I use R

[2020-05-18 lun. 11:32]

Hacker's CRM – Emacs in the world of CRMs

[2020-05-18 lun. 11:32]

A framework for building Modern Web Apps in ClojureScript

Building interactive visualizations with React, D3, and TypeScript

Introducing TypeScript Library Starter Lite

My Text Editor Journey: Vim, Spacemacs, Atom and Sublime Text

ADIOS2 for scalable parallel I/O

[2020-05-18 lun. 11:05]

Emacs as a Complete Computing Environment

[2020-05-18 lun. 10:07]

Powerlevel10k Zsh theme

Textplot R package

[2020-05-15 ven. 08:21]

Large SVDs Dask + CuPy + Zarr + Genomics

Commands in the Agenda Buffer


Plain TeX reference

Diary mode

Packages that take advantage of the Fringe

Interesting dot files

[2020-05-12 mar. 10:06]

Programming Fonts with Ligatures added

Tricky cases in C

[2020-05-06 mer. 08:41]

Books on algorithms

A hands-on introduction to static code analysis

Installing macOS on a separate APFS volume

How to Make Beautiful Tables in R

RMarkdown for Scientists

[2020-05-04 lun. 20:20]

Jon Atack Lisp rc files

GNU Emacs configuration from Vifon

[2020-05-02 sam. 08:51]

Game of lige using CL and clinch

[2020-05-02 sam. 08:51]

Lisp bindings for OpenGL

[2020-05-02 sam. 08:50]

2D games in Lua

[2020-05-02 sam. 08:50]

Meta-Circular Adventures in Functional Abstraction

Swank server for r7rs Schemes

[2020-04-29 mer. 17:44]

Dialog dataset from online books

A textlint flycheck checker in Emacs

Doing Python Configuration Right

Computational Statistics in Python

[2020-04-27 lun. 15:20]

The less-familiar parts of Lisp for beginners

Basis function approximation to Gaussian processes

Running from the past

Mumble, high quality voice chat application

[2020-04-27 lun. 14:38]

direnv – unclutter your .profile

[2020-04-27 lun. 14:37]

Prophet forecasting

[2020-04-26 dim. 17:56]

Shell productivity tips and tricks

Tools for curating, analyzing, and manipulating biological sequences

Introduction to Computational Thinking with Julia

[2020-04-20 lun. 13:19]

Manpages for Scheme

Starting to hack on SBCL

A Possible New Backend for Rust

What does this economist think of epidemiologists?

Cross Section Econometrics Syllabus

Tensorflow with Custom Likelihood Functions

A set of keybindings for evil-mode

How To Take Smart Notes With Org-mode

Dash: Virus Phylogenetic Tree

A collection of graph classification methods

So You Want to Be a (Compiler) Wizard

Programming Language Theory

[2020-04-12 dim. 20:50]

Processing and Racket

Probabilistic programming in Racket

[2020-04-12 dim. 20:44]

covdata package (interesting for ggplot)

[2020-04-11 sam. 20:35] 36:39: execution error: Erreur dans Safari : L’application n’est pas ouverte. (-600)

SIR model in Python

Clojure babushka

[2020-04-10 ven. 19:27]

Great Looking Tables: gt

Time Series Forecasting Best Practices & Examples (Microsoft)

Today I learned (tip & tricks)

[2020-04-10 ven. 19:25]

Inspectra is a tool for spectral comparison of graph topology

Scheme in FORTH in Julia

The Ten Rules for Data Modeling with DynamoDB

Using SIMD to aggregate billions of rows per second (on a laptop)

A humble guide to database schema design

Duo is a collection of colour combinations

[2020-04-07 mar. 17:23]

A general purpose community detection and network embedding library

Code for modelling estimated deaths and cases for COVID19


Minecraft Harmony

Flask app by karpathy on COVID-19

Template elements in Org


Jami is free software for universal communication

How to SSH Properly

An Overview of Bayesian Inference

Restarts in Common Lisp

How Dolt Stores Table Data

Journaling with Org

Kubernetes IDE

[2020-04-01 mer. 08:44]

Arthur Charpentier's course

Mathematica vs. R

Economics and geospatial analysis (IPython + Stata)

Macroeconomics (Stata + IPython)

Bob Jenkins' ISAAC-32 and ISAAC-64 algorithms, fast cryptographic RNGs

[2020-03-24 mar. 17:30]

Optimized, pure Common Lisp linear-algebra library

[2020-03-24 mar. 17:28]

Computational Statistics

Generic start of a Stata .do file

pandoc-based layout workflow for scholarly journals

Parametric Survival Distributions

[2020-03-19 jeu. 09:17]

300 free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons

[2020-03-19 jeu. 09:14]

CHICKEN's numeric tower: part 5

A (mostly) comprehensive guide to calling C from Scheme and vice versa

Chicken Scheme, and FFI

MurmurHash2 (64bit) implementation


[2020-03-12 jeu. 12:17]

Resources For Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

"Big Data" formats/techniques for informatics programming

Pairwise sequence alignment in Biopython

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases, provided by JHU CSSE

Big alignments, do they make sense?

5 lesser-known pandas tricks

The Newick tree format

Multiple Sequence Alignment

[2020-03-11 mer. 10:48]

Open Data Kit

[2020-03-11 mer. 10:03]

Stata commands designed for Impact Evaluations

[2020-03-11 mer. 10:03]

Rho is yet another array/dataframe package

[2020-03-11 mer. 09:29]

Memory-Efficient Search Trees for Database Management Systems (PDF)

A binary interface let Chez Scheme use Python, Lua, Ruby etc's library

[2020-03-10 mar. 16:14]

Scheme for scientific computing

Python instead of Lisp

Macros in Racket, part one

Writing syntax-case Macros

Suppressing Warnings in GCC and Clang

Modern Regression with R

Single-Pass Online Statistics Algorithms

The Britney Spears Problem

Canonical Correlation Analysis in Detail

Simple command-line utility to convert CSV files to HTML table

treespace: exploration of landscapes of phylogenetic trees

Outbreak analytics

The Log-Sum-Exp Trick. See also :misc: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 0DE0C998-08ED-4471-88E3-42127C2F4B36

Compare tree topologies (Newick) using Python ete3 :python:bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 57C6279E-6484-44AB-8F9B-D7A73A5C0F00

[2020-03-03 mar. 11:22]

A minimalist Hugo theme for writers and bloggers :hugo: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6F45FFF4-6D1B-4ED6-A16C-7B3334FA763A

Postgres Explain Visualizer 2 :database: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 9D889D63-FFAC-4313-9B6B-D39BB0B88A0B

[2020-03-03 mar. 09:41]

Python/Django ED Questionnaire :python:django: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6F00AC3D-9090-4142-9C30-89D016DC11DE

Django survey creator :python:django: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 0F6BDBF6-7DCF-463D-BB7A-224FC7BF064F

String match in sliding window :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: A3103D34-58C0-4E62-9EEE-D2A492548699

Scheme Natural Language Toolkit :racket:nlp: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 257E419D-5FB7-481E-A289-E1AB67D05F4A

[2020-02-28 ven. 12:32]

Simple NLP toolkit for an undergraduate class in Racket :racket:nlp: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 78DADA44-797D-4BD2-A10C-859F44E8A79C

[2020-02-28 ven. 12:25]

Practical Racket: Using a JSON REST API :racket: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 47907AC0-7504-4364-902F-7894F1CC5CA9

Càdlàg :maths: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 73EA278F-7F84-4282-AB15-654AD6E07462

SHA1 and random IDs :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6130FA58-7300-4B80-977E-9B15A302CA8B

How many imputations do you need? :statistics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 660D28FD-062D-47D9-8925-8198468E2FCA

A Racket package for playing the TwixT board game :racket: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 1A7221B4-9C62-423D-B9B0-4C422DF7003E

[2020-02-27 jeu. 13:57]

Examples using emacs org mode babel inline source code :emacs:org: :PROPERTIES: :ID: B5BFEA18-96BF-4FD4-8211-66E4A6C7CBD7

Vim Cheat Sheet :vim: :PROPERTIES: :ID: DDBB121E-2AD1-4DF8-AC05-7D9B82C3EFEF

[2020-02-26 mer. 14:40]

Numpy-style docstring :python:numpy: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 30765F41-AACB-4AFE-9E46-9F57D595C720

Likelihood of a tree :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6F686781-FED4-44A2-AF29-00433C0978CC

Tree comparisons :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 2F00A3B8-05ED-46EB-A85B-A7072BA5DFDD

Rainbowing a set of pictures :rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: B530FEAB-E0B4-4B3F-9D20-F114E3D46622

Create fractal trees using R :rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 5BC10AC4-EC0E-4FF3-9AF8-7E3E686DAC93

[2020-02-25 mar. 13:33]

Modern, functional Common Lisp: Myths and best practices :lisp: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 0D4FF9F8-7E89-40C2-8352-452C1826D07B

align genomic features with phylogenetic tree :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 1B204FC5-6F4E-4CFD-9828-428726554E45

Creating Cyclic Data in Racket :racket: :PROPERTIES: :ID: E79C5669-07E7-47E6-8786-CCBAA25CD47A

Sequence simulator :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 48871E92-339B-4EFA-ADB7-6A2CF74F2A81

[2020-02-24 lun. 13:43]

bootstrap supports in large phylogenies :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 10447636-FC95-4A82-81D6-344215719956

[2020-02-24 lun. 13:35]

E Ink color theme for Emacs :emacs: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 026180F8-8D5C-4BBD-9FB3-67D04A4B4FD7

[2020-02-21 ven. 14:57]

Neovim Clojure(Script) tooling over prepl :vim:clojure: :PROPERTIES: :ID: D79DFA03-3C80-49C5-B43B-27D64A27DAF3

[2020-02-21 ven. 14:21]

Genome Interval Arithmetic in R :bioinformatics:rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 35D28502-8EA2-4989-A40B-A7EA40222137

[2020-02-21 ven. 12:30]

Embedded database in Rust :database:rust: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 17C2D2AA-4E8D-4B97-BA4B-2AB640CD81EC

[2020-02-21 ven. 11:19]

Bayesian Phylogenetic Analysis :bioinformatics:bayesian: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 0D8FC7D8-584D-4F03-A9B2-774E12E21431

Tutorial on Bayesian phylogenetic analysis :bioinformatics:bayesian: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 13DF1278-79D9-4E54-8245-51C4E9C1BC5E

Competitive Programming snippets :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: AD3C22FE-4D30-4FEC-A741-F97F41D79FAA

M-EMACS, a customized full-featured GNU Emacs configuration :emacs: :PROPERTIES: :ID: E2DEE741-03B3-415C-9871-6780AD835617

[2020-02-11 mar. 11:03]

Is a Dataframe Just a Table? :statistics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 505CEBB3-FB55-4FE0-AC6B-4754B237E880

Automatic parallelization with @jit :python: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 27DB6CA9-DCC4-438E-B007-CEB22CB9F943

Les enchères en temps réel (RTB), un système complexe :misc: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 0FBE2F94-66BF-45FB-BB39-C28A92118F18

[2020-02-07 ven. 15:41] missing value

Introduction to numerical analysis :numerical: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 350B543D-6BF2-4D12-B9E8-8380DD8928CA

[2020-02-07 ven. 13:51]

Steiner trees :python: :PROPERTIES: :ID: BB2DB7A8-DA2C-4171-9759-FF89D9724469

Shortest path and networkx :python:graphs: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 20B4ADD5-76BA-4B3D-AE08-C55BEE7E78A0

Lessons From The History Of Attacks On Secure Hash Functions :cryptography: :PROPERTIES: :ID: A0F86983-044A-49B3-9D22-C56DD7CDF1F0

Network analysis in Python :python:graphs: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 3EB7245A-91F9-44DD-A537-D67B9696B363

Numpy groupby and set-operations :python:numpy: :PROPERTIES: :ID: CB0654F2-3B00-46EB-8F34-7112213DB8F5

Docker implemented in around 100 lines of bash. :docker: :PROPERTIES: :ID: C9E45947-38C1-4202-A943-A2AE77343600

Using Emacs and Org Mode :emacs:org: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 24470BB4-4CC5-479B-95EF-9320F6B29EB9

[2020-02-04 mar. 17:13]

LightGBM :ml: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 04273433-C2AE-41B0-AA49-2A1EED54231E

[2020-02-04 mar. 14:10]

Phylogenetic trees in Mathematica :bioinformatics:mathematica: :PROPERTIES: :ID: DBDBAB28-B4F7-4638-BEDA-78FCF72B9066

NULL Values in SQL Queries :sql: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 8A466E33-4D68-4965-AAA3-11EAD24DC62D

Access your device's terminal from anywhere via the web :misc: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6E08324D-2D63-46A9-B7DB-C3FE41302E74

[2020-02-04 mar. 10:28]

Pathfinding Demystified :graphs: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6CF77F05-75F5-49DD-B11D-6D7EDCA746B8

Python package supporting heavy functional programming through currying :python: :PROPERTIES: :ID: D0C3F993-A330-40F1-9394-03C7864C2F66

[2020-02-03 lun. 17:09]

Racket package template ready for Github :racket: :PROPERTIES: :ID: CCEF9AE6-2809-4C44-B6DC-5FF3F4092407

Looping in Scheme :scheme: :PROPERTIES: :ID: BE97043C-BDC4-4994-9944-3FF1C346580D

[2020-01-31 ven. 07:59] 36:39: execution error: Non autorisé à envoyer des événements Apple à Safari. (-1743)

One-Hour Package (#rstats) :rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: AEE93FCE-BE48-4FBA-9F4E-058545705573

Columnar File Performance Check-in: Parquet, Feather, and FST :python:rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 1F6577DC-F546-4C5A-8F8F-F52AC9487116

Introducing Apache Arrow Flight: A Framework for Fast Data Transport :arrow: :PROPERTIES: :ID: EFF072B8-5A33-477F-B051-537957FFBBF7

Speeding up R and Apache Spark using Apache Arrow :arrow:rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 08C771B1-B476-4E70-AFBB-138A9623C926

Command-line Tools can be 235x Faster than your Hadoop Cluster :hadoop:cli: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 7541AC54-C5A8-41A9-85B6-F00095112B5C

Sorting algorithms in C :algorithms:clang: :PROPERTIES: :ID: A8D76A87-94B4-4FFE-8246-68D6C6B508C8

[2020-01-30 jeu. 10:36]

Find number of times a string occurs as a subsequence in given string :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 493B5663-7E90-4FAF-A87F-61427CA99C53

Introduction to Random Strings :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 226229C8-AA3A-4E58-8DF2-7E0AA03EA6F6

Chaos Game Representation of a genetic sequence :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 2A35A1B7-2D43-49A0-BB83-D904EE73D4F4

Standard prelude for Scheme (Programming Praxis) :scheme: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6B2D0823-A44D-476F-B1C6-5A0FC05BF2C1

Standard Prelude for Haskell 98 :haskell: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6DB5C512-10F1-4355-99F3-3EE28B06A817

Utilities for Gene Ontology enrichment analysis (C + Python) :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 9B33D3BD-496F-47D8-9AAD-BB6E25343016

[2020-01-28 mar. 10:36]

Toolkit for genome assembly (feat. P. anserina) :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 76C17EBB-8A9E-4448-8A3B-F4F41058A2B5

[2020-01-27 lun. 16:54]

Fun with Forms (Django) :python:django: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 3ADBE1C7-5874-4DC8-97A6-AF750C75DBD4

GO Enrichment Analysis (using Galaxy) :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 75E88F4A-D506-4B9F-BFEF-6BE8787756CE

Probability of finding a particular sequence of base pairs :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 86ADA7BD-F71C-453A-93FF-159AF5FB4DD4

Probability Of Finding A Dna Sequence In A Window :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: A7575339-593A-4FE3-8D48-D84300D204D4

[2020-01-23 jeu. 15:21]

Why are you changing gc-cons-threshold? :emacs: :PROPERTIES: :ID: B13887B6-7F5B-4116-8378-202DCC5854C9

UnicodeMath: A Nearly Plain-Text Encoding of Mathematics :maths:misc: :PROPERTIES: :ID: A30565D3-2507-4AE3-B4FC-67779A0EC3C6

Ten Little Algorithms, Part 1: Russian Peasant Multiplication :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 7AE793C9-B2E6-4908-ABA8-3AA0E0771B6D

Arithmetic articles, problems, and puzzles :maths: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 3EC09A4B-FEB2-421D-A588-ABAC95A3433E

Le tutoriel Python :python: :PROPERTIES: :ID: B96CF16C-0212-4F4F-B588-BD7781B2A545

Global alignment and alignment extension :bioinformatics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 3078CF97-6EE7-4C99-92C9-6498911DBD9A

[2020-01-21 mar. 16:47]

Cleanup virtualfish env after Homebrew upgrade :python:cli: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 40099253-F7FF-4B62-9FDB-22A8D4F4C758

Rope (data structure) :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 4D2A9DDA-434B-4827-BDC6-F7E742D14DBA

A Definition of Closures :lisp: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 9BC47136-8BFF-4F54-8B5B-87042FD14A01

UNIX Syscalls :unix: :PROPERTIES: :ID: DEE9E033-30EC-411C-9B37-D7AA3D232C13

[2020-01-21 mar. 13:00]

Obfuscated Vim code :vim: :PROPERTIES: :ID: D24E671E-3AFB-4C3B-9AF7-26FB100F1E17

Fun with .Rprofile and customizing R startup :rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 566F5F08-B411-4BEF-B49A-C1DA051F77A3

Nice org config for Doom Emacs :emacs: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 86F7E323-8CA4-4CC2-BBB2-4C684CCC18D0

[2020-01-21 mar. 09:50]

xsv for indexing, slicing, analyzing, splitting and joining CSV files. :misc: :PROPERTIES: :ID: BE4EBCDE-87CE-48E6-9DA9-28A7E2DB062D

[2020-01-20 lun. 14:27]

Why is quicksort better than other sorting algorithms in practice? :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: F6AB06B2-AC16-433E-8C0E-0E38F095BED3

Ergolib to make programming in Common Lisp easier.

[2020-01-20 lun. 12:28]

Lisping at JPL

[2020-01-20 lun. 12:26]

R7RS SRFI implementations :scheme: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 99259404-1186-4D3B-900B-31A0B1DD2214

New C standard online :clang: :PROPERTIES: :ID: AF334E61-74CF-4EC4-8C51-3D47778C5720

[2020-01-16 jeu. 14:03]

A new algorithm for finding a visual center of a polygon :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 065D983B-B7AD-442A-9BFE-035D0163B1E4

OpenGL Setup in macOS :misc: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 92787029-EAEF-4601-B3A6-350C402A229B

Using OpenGL with Common Lisp :lisp: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 5C70E4EF-31ED-412C-A4AB-17D4F8C33304

PyOxidizer is a utility for producing binaries that embed Python :python: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 98B97236-C191-459B-B33E-C272ED776925

[2020-01-14 mar. 15:40]

Why I Keep a Research Blog :misc: :PROPERTIES: :ID: AB0432DE-F04D-40E9-9356-8DC480EA5B5A

Heap in Lisp :lisp: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 597DF12D-8CCC-479E-8D02-2C66C9147E06

List of terms relating to algorithms and data structures :algorithms: :PROPERTIES: :ID: A707DBDC-12C6-490F-B1BA-3363F79D77E3

Graph structures in C :graphs:clang: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 1880D01C-3DED-411D-82E1-90ECD80199D0

Parallel Processing in Python :python: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 0B8A54E0-3287-48ED-94F0-25DCB730A5E0

Data science for economists :econ: :PROPERTIES: :ID: DDACF1F5-448A-4C1B-A366-B3363DA1CF3E

[2020-01-09 jeu. 10:35]

Parallel programming using R :rstats: :PROPERTIES: :ID: EBD078FF-4EAD-4FCB-A480-205C497BAEFA

Scientific computing with Rust :rust: :PROPERTIES: :ID: C6A81828-DD6F-44D7-9DAF-D045E59AA5AF

[2020-01-08 mer. 14:27]

Rust crates for numerical simulation :rust:numerical: :PROPERTIES: :ID: C870B658-9B7B-4A21-B991-DBCB46C3E273

[2020-01-08 mer. 14:25]

Convert .py to .exe :python:cli: :PROPERTIES: :ID: B7147882-7981-4B8A-87B2-EDE9EC8D3989

ZSH higher order functions :cli: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 401DF046-A368-42AA-883E-8E8C02173CFE

Gamma function :statistics: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 0323F358-24F3-48C3-ADF9-0E119DDE694F

Cryptographic libraries for R6RS Scheme :cryptography:scheme: :PROPERTIES: :ID: F29F5FF0-6820-4A0F-86FA-D9F6C856DD2F

[2020-01-06 lun. 11:46]

Algebric data types and unordered effects :haskell: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 08EDD394-A676-4550-96D3-443B2F87640E

Why do Racket hash literals (i.e. #hash()) automatically quote :racket: :PROPERTIES: :ID: 6C09B3DB-725D-4F96-862B-9B0C23D16E79

Neighbour sensing model for fungi growth

Generative Hyphae Growth Algorithm

Hyphal branching using Processing

Xylem and hyphae network

[2019-12-18 mer. 11:10]

Let's Write an LLVM Specializer for Python!

[2019-12-18 mer. 10:58]

Implementing a JIT Compiled Language with Haskell and LLVM

[2019-12-18 mer. 10:56]

Step-by-Step Guide to Implement Machine Learning

The Racket Foreign-Function Interface

Tutorial: Using Racket’s FFI (3 parts)

Tutorial: Using Racket’s FFI

A (mostly) comprehensive guide to calling C from Scheme and vice versa

Dash Bio is a suite of bioinformatics components

[2019-12-13 ven. 10:42]

Heroku buildpack for R

No Pain - No Gain: Using Clojure for Web Apps

Functional Data Structures in Typed Racket

Scheme/Racket course

Microbenchmark in Racket

Racket and docstrings using at-exp

Challenge: find Twitter memes with suffix arrays

Pharmaceutical Modeling and Simulation for NL Mixed Effects using Julia

[2019-12-09 lun. 10:30]

Templates Django

Django Photo Gallery Sample

Useful tips & tricks for R (and more)

Coupled events with Shiny and Plotly in R

[2019-11-28 jeu. 16:23]

Visualizing Algorithms

[2019-11-27 mer. 12:52]

Docker Cleanup Commands

Neat Rust Tricks: Passing Rust Closures to C

How to Override CSS Styles in Jekyll

[2019-11-20 mer. 16:56] alias: Expected at most 2 args, got 3

Fundamentals of Machine Learning Course at DSR

Advanced Python

Lot of useful config for neovim/zsh/tmux

LSP for (neo)vim

[2019-11-19 mar. 14:20]

Fisher–Yates shuffle

DendroPy Phylogenetic Computing Library

[2019-11-19 mar. 12:26]

Configurer un webservice Python Flask sur Apache HTTPD

Recognizing graphs from images

Changes the current Ruby

[2019-11-18 lun. 11:01]

Comparative Genomics with R

Introduction to mlr3

[2019-11-18 lun. 10:23]

Programming For Biology 2019

[2019-11-13 mer. 13:02]

Programming Talks

A systematic review of health effects of electronic cigarettes

Making a Simple Website with Flask

AWS for Bioinformatics

Remote Desktop Roundup: TeamViewer vs. Splashtop vs. Windows RDP

How to Lock Down TeamViewer for More Secure Remote Access

How secure is TeamViewer for simple remote support?

Complete list of zsh themes

[2019-10-30 mer. 10:15]

Owl Numerical System

[2019-10-30 mer. 09:38]

Stupid Unix Tricks

How to secure remote access to a Linux server (without SSH keys)

Creating a Permanent SSH Tunnel Back to Your Mac at Home

Master Git (part 1)

[2019-10-15 mar. 10:49]

How to Install and Dual Boot Linux and Mac OS

How to Install Ubuntu on a MacBook Pro

Tmux Cheat Sheet & Quick Reference

[2019-10-14 lun. 16:45]

SSH and tmux

[2019-10-14 lun. 15:22]–—

Using virtualenv with fish shell

Teaching Materials for genome assembly and mapping

Suffix arrays: How to compute them fast with Python

Accurate design of in vitro experiments – Why does it matter?

Introduction to RNA-Seq using high-performance computing

Lectures for Mathematics 361 (feat. Number Theory)

Hidden features of Python [closed]

Automatic parallelization with @jit

Nice tutorial on genome assembly

More on pipe operators in R

Archives 2019

Check this new series of posts from Stata blog

See if we can make something similar to handle statistical projects and tutorials.

Useful stuff for "agile data science" and "design pattern for efficient data mining"

Is this working?

[2018-02-19 lun. 00:13]

Cool stuff here. Check out other posts on CL implementation

Lot of useful stuff to master iterators in Python 3

Reminds me of: Clojure High Performance – Variations around the Fibonacci sequence using linear algorithms: [2018-02-20 mar. 12:35]

Useful reading list to start diving into Haskell land

Useful guide to setup Haskell for productive work

Here is an HN thread where we learn a lot about how Mathematica was originally designed. See also this blog post: What Should We Call the Language of Mathematica?

Check the code on GitHub to see if I can use it for custom handouts

[2018-03-02 ven. 19:08]

To get inspiration for an org-based textbook. See also

Check the extended documentation and files in texlive

[2018-03-05 lun. 16:22]

Yet another blog post about Org and GTD, specifically

A nice sociological account of Steve Job's life and vision of things

Introduction to org-ref features

Someone must have to write an EOS

[2018-03-06 mar. 12:57]

Yet another org-powered blog

Useful stuff to build a custom Iosevka font type for emacs and web

Very nice looking web site with lot of goodies inside

[2018-03-06 mar. 14:04]

Read some blog entries

[2018-03-09 ven. 21:43]

Org-mode in VS Code

How does it compare to Apache Spark DataFrame?

[2018-03-15 jeu. 21:45]

Interesting Youtube channel to learn cool things about dataviz

Useful handouts for caluclus and probability

To find datasets

[2018-03-16 ven. 13:43]

Short info on how to use irony and rdm for clang stuff

Useful code snippet to generate reproducible random numbers in Clojure

Implement this PRNG in Clojure

Constructive critic of Stephen Wolfram wrt his book "A New Kind of Science"

Implementation of Random Forest in Lisp (See also the interface to Gnuplot)

Nice ressources on Epidemiology, including Clayton's book on Statistical Models in Epidemiology

Good intro to Python itertools

Think of prioritization of endpoints as pre-specification of the order for publication and how the study results are publicized. It is OK to announce a “significant” third endpoint as long as the “insignificant” first and second endpoints are announced first, and the context for the third endpoint is preserved.

[2018-05-07 lun. 10:30]

Check some of the courses and PDFs

Interesting Swift/CBLAS link + Numpy-like methods

[2018-05-12 sam. 08:30]

Ressources for Stata teaching

Quick introduction to git internals for people who are not scared by words like Directed Acyclic Graph.

Interesting blog posts and econom(etr)ics courses using Python and Stata

See the notes section for interesting maths and number theory with algorithms

[2018-05-12 sam. 21:01]

Number Theory with Python

Tutorial on Python Pandas by the same author of the org-mode tutorial

Useful cheat sheet for org-mode, especially +OPTIONS keywords

Lot of ressources on crypto/math and number theory

[2018-05-15 mar. 09:53]

Looks like a nice intro to Swift

Interesting tutorials on Stata by Mark Lunt

To learn a bit of Vim (again)

Interesting R package that brings some Stata output

[2018-05-15 mar. 21:07]

How to use org-mode with Stata code

Yet Another Org-Mode Configuration

Yet another org-mode post dedicated to Hugo

The setup

[2018-05-18 ven. 06:32]

Plain TeX template for editing refcard

[2018-05-18 ven. 09:29]

Common Lisp Quick Reference is a free booklet with short descriptions of the thousand or so symbols defined in the ANSI standard

[2018-05-18 ven. 09:31]

Interesting package! See also {breakDown}

[2018-05-18 ven. 14:04]

Check dataMaid (An R package for data screening)

[2018-05-18 ven. 14:18]

Config options for org-mode with French babel

Org-babel examples on GitHUb

Free online Lisp books

A local+cloud alternative to Dropbox

[2018-05-20 dim. 23:59]

Interesting gnuplot examples

[2018-05-22 mar. 07:10]

Another org config

Useful tips on org-mode + beautiful CSS

Other than proselint, there is this plugin to help in detecting writing typos and the like

Interesting read

How to Start a Bookdown Book

Python for NLP and machine learning

Another tutorial on Python for accounting resarch

Good old tutorial on Org + Pandoc

Jupyter vs. R Markdown

I should try to replace ipynb with Md files

[2018-05-30 mer. 18:15]

And now here is a way to convert Python notebook to RMarkdown

[2018-05-30 mer. 18:17]

Interesting template for Gitbook with open review

Base16 for Shells

Interesting approach with Vagrant and rstats

CL and Machine Learning

[2018-05-31 jeu. 09:19]

Really nice tutorial

Useful mu4e config tips

Drowning in Email; mu4e to the Rescue

Email done right (in Emacs)

[2018-06-01 ven. 04:14]

In case we want to go to the dark side with Forklift

Interesting application for teaching with Rosner's FEV dataset

Good paper that summarizes the main point of logistic regression

Useful tutorial on mixed-effect models using R

R code for Cleveland dot plot using ggplot2

Course on the analysis of discrete data using R

So nice illustration of ML principles

How to configure Emacs flycheck for ES6

Interesting online book

[2018-06-08 ven. 13:41]

Interesting book or not?

Nice setup for Pytjon. It should work with Rust too. Looking forward to cquery!

Better than Spark? What's the difference? See the xgboost project.

[2018-06-18 lun. 19:48]

See how it is going wrt. existing implementation. Also related:

NHANES dataset for Stata

Anlysis of NHANES dataset in Stata

Nice summary of some Stata commands for test and modeling

Security and ML in Python

[2018-06-27 mer. 18:44]

Is it better than cquery?

[2018-07-04 mer. 21:06]

Useful tips for scientific computing using floats in Racket

Interesting tutorials on numerical methods.

[2018-07-05 jeu. 13:01]

Now that it reaches version 1.0 I should try BeakerX gain

[2018-07-06 ven. 12:32]

Useful add-ons for Stata twoway

Is this why I get so blurry font rendering with my HP external monitor?

Operating Systems: From 0 to 1

[2018-07-10 mar. 08:37]

Interesting minimalistic theme and concept (albeit for VS Code)

Clojure DSL for Apacke Spark

[2018-07-16 lun. 08:08]

Interesting links on stat libs for Clojure

Reread this when I will be more proficient using core Clojure

[2018-07-16 lun. 15:28]

Useful ressource on mathematical statistics

[2018-07-17 mar. 18:39]

Petit traité de Lisp en français

Clojure and AWS Lambda

Getting Started on Heroku with Clojure

Interesting approach for managing Git projects

[2018-07-29 dim. 17:18]

I should try this at some point

[2018-07-29 dim. 18:06]

Base 16 shell color

Teach yourself programming in ten years

[2018-07-30 lun. 21:19]

Interesting tool to manage Github repo from the command line

[2018-10-03 mer. 18:27]

Meow Hash algorithm; see also

[2018-10-22 lun. 19:29]

Interesting config for org and Hugo

Blot on your local machine

[2018-11-20 mar. 20:49]

Interesting cheatsheet for Org babel

Interesting list of algorithms implemented in different languages

[2018-11-23 ven. 17:55]

Interesting tutorials on Racket

Useful tricks to configure iCloud and Gmail using isync

Another nice tutorial on setting up mu4e

Nice custom functions for mu4e and org-mode

Biomedical Data Science (R and Bioconductor)

[2019-02-05 mar. 08:43]

Difference between setq and setf in Common Lisp

Interesting library for math computing

[2019-02-11 lun. 13:53]

Google Calendar With Org-Mode

Performance and types in Lisp

Org babel reference card

Phylogenetic Network Software

Introduction to ML with Common Lisp

BioJulia packages. See also

[2019-02-16 sam. 14:07]

What's the most efficient file format for the storage of DNA sequences?

Check these new estimators and the parsimony package

Emacs for Travis CI

IPython kernel for Racket

[2019-02-17 dim. 09:15]

Resources for Population Genetics in R

Phylogenetic trees in Python

Software for bayesian phylogeny

Galaxy Pasteur

[2019-02-20 mer. 07:43]

Tips on using org-journal

Classification of genome data with n-gram models using Mathematica

Markov Chains and evolution

A Biologist's Guide to Mathematical Modeling with Mathematica applications

[2019-02-20 mer. 11:14]

Programming with strings in Mathematica

Writing fast Mathematica code

Sample matehmatica notebooks for biology

Phylogenetic trees in Mathematica

Various courses on stochastic processes

Functional programming in Mathematica

How to handle simple and complex rules in Timing App

[2019-02-23 sam. 10:33]

Processing and visualization tools for quantitative MRI data using Mathematica

[2019-02-24 dim. 09:33]

Nice posts by Pearly Spencer on Stata

Internet guide to Stata

[2019-02-25 lun. 09:37]

Tutoriel Perl et DBI

PHASE manual including discussion of phylogenetic theory

Interesting blog

[2019-02-25 lun. 18:54]

Finding subsequences in strings

Is there an actively developed stats library for Clojure?

Concatenates FASTA formatted files to one "phyml" (PHYLIP) formatted file

Handling phylogenomic data

[2019-02-26 mar. 09:53]

FASTA to sequential PHYLIP format converter

[2019-02-26 mar. 09:57]

SSE3 support on macOS Macbook

Elegant operations on matrix rows and columns

Useful tips for Mathjax

Nice tutorial on deploying a Flask app on Heroku

How to setup a Git mirror to have Travis CI working on Bitbucket

Travis tutorial

How to setup Travis CI with GH pages and Hugo

Netlify setup

[2019-02-27 mer. 20:28]

Heroku and Python/Flask

Codekit: Build websites faster and better

[2019-02-28 jeu. 09:55]

A template to get your Flask app running on Heroku as fast as possible

Making a Flask app using a PostgreSQL database and deploying to Heroku

Postgres guide

[2019-02-28 jeu. 17:38]

Getting started with Docker on a Mac

[2019-02-28 jeu. 19:38]

Another nice tutorial on Flask

Python + Postgresql tutorials

Python and alembic

PostgreSQL and bash Stuff

Drawing Graphs Directly in Psql

Turn your PostgreSQL queries into Charts

[2019-03-07 jeu. 08:09]

Haskell programming from manu.el

Modern R with the tidyverse

[2019-03-07 jeu. 10:08]

How to Build a Machine Learning App from Scratch

Netlify vs Heroku

How to Type Common Symbols and Special Characters in Mac OS X

Yet another Flask tutorial with login and Heroku

Taxonomic trees in SQL

Managing local biological databases with the BioSQL module

[2019-03-12 mar. 07:41]

BeautifulSoup: removing tags

Skip List vs. Binary Search Tree

Org export html options

Old good Emacs tutor

A DNA Sequence Alignment/Map (SAM) library for Common Lisp

[2019-03-20 mer. 13:27]

Little Book of R for Bioinformatics

Validated, scalable, community developed variant calling, RNA-seq and small RNA analysis

[2019-03-20 mer. 13:52]

A DNA Sequence Alignment/Map (SAM) library for Clojure

[2019-03-20 mer. 13:53]

scikit-bio is an open-source, BSD-licensed, Python package providing data structures, algorithms, and educational resources for bioinformatics.

[2019-03-20 mer. 14:04]

Machine learning with clojure in 2018

Cigar encoding

Longest Common Subsequence using Scheme

Sequence Manipulation Suite

[2019-03-22 ven. 10:17]

Check Lispy for Python inline evaluation

[2019-03-22 ven. 11:08]

ThinkStats in Clojure (www)

[2019-03-23 sam. 08:44]

Awk tutorial

[2019-03-23 sam. 08:45]

Essential AWK Commands for Next Generation Sequence Analysis

sed and awk for genomics

[2019-03-25 lun. 12:45]

Most Commonly used Awk by Bioinformatician

Bioinformatics one-liners

Lecture notes on Complex Systems in Biology

Hugo slim theme

Zeit now examples

[2019-03-26 mar. 18:43]

Comparing different approaches to evolutionary simulations

Interesting courses

Modern Regression Analysis

Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis by Sampling Trees

[2019-03-29 ven. 10:42]

Emacs EShell Parameters

Remote pbcopy on OS X systems

Remote access for macOS

Tutorial on Python package

Virtualbox and postgresql

Creating a minimal Ubuntu VirtualBox image

Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox

Interesting library to find or manage OSS projects

[2019-04-03 mer. 09:32]

Docker vs. Vagrant

Zappa – Serverless Python

[2019-04-03 mer. 12:54]

Running Jupyter Lab as a Desktop Application

Setting up a local web server on macOS 10.14 “Mojave”

CD-HIT sequence identity

Generators and iterables in Python


[2019-04-08 lun. 13:05]

Fast multi-line FASTA/Q reader in several programming languages

[2019-04-08 lun. 13:25]

Interesting R package for descriptive statistics

Analysis of ESS data using R

Emacs and Git

Netlify dev

[2019-04-10 mer. 13:07]

Eve (after LightTable)

[2019-04-10 mer. 13:07]

Fuzzy String Comparison

Rose for genetic substitution model simulation

Computational Genomics and Molecular Biology

Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science

A short mathematica course

Higher level tools for working with CSV data and files in Clojure

SCons for data science and compbio

Gogs – Un service git auto-hébergé sans-douleur

[2019-04-16 mar. 10:50]

A successful Git branching model

How to GitHub: Fork, Branch, Track, Squash and Pull Request

Teaching material: Data analytics and visualization

[2019-04-17 mer. 09:45]

Documented Anomaly in Recent Versions of the BLASTN Algorithm and a Complete Reanalysis of Chimpanzee and Human Genome-Wide DNA Similarity Using Nucmer and LASTZ

Interesting approach to learning Racket

[2019-04-18 jeu. 11:05]

Markdown and Vim

Brian Ripley's talks

Matthias Felleisen homepage

[2019-05-20 lun. 09:59]

Random numbers in Scheme

Programming Praxis Amazon Interview Question, part 2

The Scheme Programming Language

[2019-05-20 lun. 19:26]

Simulating Brownian motion in R

[2019-05-22 mer. 10:22]

Simulated ecosystems

Interesting repos in Clojure. See also the blog.

[2019-05-24 ven. 13:50]

Lisp Notes and Handouts

Static Generative Art Setup for Clojure

Immutability with normal JavaScript objects and arrays

[2019-05-31 ven. 13:22]

Typescript and Emacs

Various string metrics in Lisp

Yet another Emacs configuration

[2019-06-01 sam. 20:23]

Nice generative algorithm to draw hyphae

Dual boot macOS/Ubuntu

Useful Awk tips and tricks

[2019-06-06 jeu. 10:59]

Check blog posts and course materials

[2019-06-06 jeu. 10:59]

Processing.js Quick Start

A gentle introduction to persistent homology

Historical map of Cognitive Science

Differences between Processing.js and P5.js

Growth Modeling of filamentous fungi

Solutions to Ninety-Nine Lisp Problems

C programming Solved Programs/Examples with Solutions

Predator-Prey Modeling in Clojure

Exercises in Clojure with Commentary

Trees, Quil and Random

How to get 64 bit integer in common lisp?

(gnu) common lisp: features and functions

Nested for loops in R and Racket

HT Sequence Analysis with R and Bioconductor

SSC Intro to NGS Bioinformatics Course

Algorithme de Needleman et Wunsch en Scheme

C ressources

Light alternative to

[2019-07-31 mer. 10:25]

Sequences in Lisp

Some tips & tricks on Fish and iTerm

Nord theme for Fish

TypeScript Language Specification

The Adventures of a Pythonista in Schemeland

Programming in Haskell - Solutions to slides

Using TypeScript with React

Migrating from Python to Racket

A philosophical difference between Haskell and Lisp

PH525x series - Biomedical Data Science

[2019-08-26 lun. 12:10]

Awk one-liner

Emacs and GPG

A productive development environment with Docker on OS X

Lecture notes – Memory layout in C

Sparkling Water provides H2O functionality inside Spark cluster

A collection of algorithms in various langauges

[2019-09-07 sam. 07:56]

Check if there's anything better than that for automagically updating all Git repo

[2019-09-09 lun. 09:55]

RNA-Seq studies of brown rot fungi could lead to new tools for more efficient biofuel production

Python tutorial feat. biopython

Good old friend Wwwblast

[2019-09-10 mar. 13:47]

Clustering RNAseq data using K-means: how many clusters?

PHP and Apache on Mojave

Online regex tester

[2019-09-11 mer. 15:24]

IPython theming

Hugo + Pygments—How to change highlighting theme?

Org-mode Tutorial / Cheat Sheet

Org-Mode Is One of the Most Reasonable Markup Languages to Use for Text

Beautiful websites using Emacs's org mode [closed]

Using org to Blog with Jekyll

Academic Markdown and Citations

Removing and purging files from git history

A curated list of awesome Scheme libraries and resources

An alternative exome sequencing pipeline using bowtie2 and samtools

A Practical Introduction to NMF (nonnegative matrix factorization)

The Golden Rule of Bioinformatics

Making a heatmap in R with the pheatmap package

Tutorial RNA-Seq using R

RNA-seq Differential Analysis with R (oldie)

Moving to zsh

macOS Setup Guide

[2019-09-30 lun. 13:05]

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