Courses, talks & workshops

This page summarizes my past teaching activities. I am afraid sometimes you will have to go digging on the old directory (and sorry, part of the CSS stylesheet is no longer in use). Please, also note that even if I started from scratch again, there may be broken links here and there.

Lectures notes and handouts that I wrote or co-authored are primarily aimed at students. They can be downloaded freely. Feel free to reuse them, I would appreciate if you could mention their origin in any appropriate way (website URL, citation, etc.).

Here are some of the material that is still available on this site, in chronological ascending order:

  1. Analyse des données génétiques : Approches univariées, multivariées et perspectives épidémiologiques (CNRS • Nov 2009)  Slides
    Short presentation of imaging genetics studies and their implication from an epidemiological POV.
  2. Introductory lectures on Statistics for Health Measurement(AP–HP • Sep–Oct 2011)  www
    A brief series of lectures on biostatistics and psychometrics.
  3. GLM: Theory and applications in the Life science (ENS • Dec 2011, May 2012)
    Part 1:  Slides  Handout  R code
    Connection between ANOVA and Linear Regression, with an emphasis on estimation. Overview of GLMs, as an extension of linear models, hypothesis testing, estimation, goodness of fit, visual displays.
    Part 2:  Slides  Handout  R code
    Connection between repeated measures ANOVA and random-intercept model. Random intercept and slope models for longitudinal data.
  4. Introduction à #rstats pour la recherche biomédicale (INSERM • Feb–Jun 2012)  www
    A weekly scheduled tutorial on using R for biomedical researchers.
  5. Sélection de variables pour données irrégulières (INSERM • Apr 2012)  Slides  R code
    One-shot talk about machine learning and the like in medical research.
  6. Atelier Statistique du Cogmaster (ENS • Oct–Nov 2012 / 2013–2015)  www  www
    Lectures on applied statistics using R in cognitive science.
  7. Analyzing correlated data (draft April 2012)  Handout  R/Stata code
    Overview of Generalized Estimating Equations and other models for correlated data.
  8. Introduction au langage R (Apr-May 2014)  Handout  Labs  R code
    Originally part of the MOOC “Cours d’introduction aux statistiques avec R” (Paris-Sud University, Pr. Bruno Falissard), but revised for later sessions.
  9. Concordance et fidélité de mesure (AP–HP • Sep 2014)  Slides  Handout
    Brief overview of agreement and reliability studies in medical research.
  10. Stats 101. Introduction aux statistiques médicales (AP–HP • Oct 2014)  Slides  Handout
    Introduction to basic medical statistics.
  11. Data mining avec R (ESME Sudria • Fev-Mar 2015 / Nov–Dec 2017)  www
    Lectures on machine learning, data mining and statistical computing with R.
  12. Les essais cliniques en pratique (AP–HP • Sep 2015)  Slides
    Brief discussion of randomized clinical trials.
  13. Analyse multivariée et modèles à variables latentes (INSERM • Jan 2016)  www
    Workshop on latent variable models.
  14. Méthodes psychométriques en qualité de vie (INSERM • Jun 2016)  www
    Yet another similar workshop on latent variable modeling.
  15. Statistiques pour petits échantillons  www
    Some considerations regarding inferential statistics with small samples.

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