Here is a list of things I like to work on when time allows. As you will guess pretty quickly, I can leave those things hanging out for years, but there is always a chance that this stuff will be finished someday. Note that these pages are a resurrection of my previous website, and I left a lot of materials behind.

If you are looking for my old teaching ressources, almost everything should be on the Teaching page, and for the glory stuff, here it is.

Current work in progress

  • Stata Starter Kit  www  github
    A series of standalone modules to learn a bit of Stata, for those who might be interested. [in French]

  • Statistics for Clinical Trials: Applications Using R  PDF  github
    A short tutorial on using R to perform common statistical analysis à la SAS.

Past work mostly defunct

  • A Visual Guide to R Graphics and Data Mungling  PDF  github
    A small cookbook for lattice and ggplot2 graphics.

  • R Companion to Montgomery’s Design and Analysis of Experiments  PDF  github
    A handbook of statistical analysis specific to design of experiments using R.